Photos from Orvieto, Cortona, Rome, Florence, Paris and New York City, courtesy: Jackie Davis '12, Marissa Roco '10, and Joshua Tengan '10.

Beyond the Classroom

To thrive as an artist, you will need experiences beyond the classroom. The art department recognizes the importance of off-campus educational experiences. Art majors are strongly encouraged to experience the diversity and cultural impact of studying in another country or in another setting. The department endorses seven off-campus programs for art majors. Art students can also undertake a for-credit internship here in Santa Barbara.

Internships and off-campus study not only further your education; they also help prepare you for your next steps after Westmont, whether for work or further study. Students who want to pursue an off-campus semester during their sophomore, junior or senior year must begin the application process one year in advance of the intended study opportunity. Each student is encouraged to meet with his or her advisor and the Office of Off-Campus Programs for planning assistance.

Cortona, Italy (University of Georgia)

Situated in Cortona, a small, safe Tuscan town with numerous cultural activities, this program sponsored by the University of Georgia provides a challenging opportunity for the serious student who wishes to combine international travel with an intensive period of studio and classroom work. A 32-year tradition of goodwill and respect exists between Cortona and the University, and the town provides a rich, historical environment where students can easily merge with the normal lifestyle of a typical Italian community. Homepage

SACI, Florence, Italy (Studio Art Centers International)

Located in the center of Florence, 50 yards from the central market, 100 yards from the Duomo, and 80 yards from the Medici church of San Lorenzo, the school provides a focused studio art studies program of depth and seriousness of challenge at undergraduate and graduate U.S. university levels. The studio disciplines are to be complemented by courses in the humanities since SACI is convinced that undertaking courses in both areas is essential in the formation of the artist. Designed for US undergraduates and independent students, this program provides an in-depth study abroad opportunity. A wide variety of academic and studio subjects are offered, many at multiple levels. Homepage

Gordon IN Orvieto, Orvieto, Italy (Gordon College)

The Gordon College semester in Italy exists to provide contemporary American students — whose lives are lived largely after or without “tradition” — with a vivid experience of tradition in art, spirituality, worship, and civic life. While living and studying in the historic monastery of Sao Paolo students will experience the slower and simpler rhythms of life in a way that provides time for serious conversation, an experience of traditional liturgies and civic celebrations, and a closer relationship to the land. Living in the midst of vineyards and olive groves and trading the automobile for the foot, young artists of Christian faith will be encouraged to experiment with methods of learning different from the conventions of modern university education by taking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of art, art history, history and theology. Homepage

Westmont in San Francisco

Westmont in San Francisco offers students a rich experience of life and learning in the heart of San Francisco. The academic model of Westmon in San Francisco places a high premium on the responsibility of students for their own learning. While the faculty provides a significant amount of guidance and structure, students are expected to develop their own learning goals, and to be self-motivated. Westmont in San Francisco classes take an experiential approach to learning, where learning takes place through internships, guest speakers, field trips and service projects. Students take one required course and an elective for a total of 8 unites, with a required 8-unit internship practicum in a field of the student’s choosing. These internships provide incredible pre-professional training in such areas as graphic design, photography, gallery/museum studies, and more. Homepage