Art Scholarships and Awards

The Art Department has several scholarship opportunities for incoming and continuing art students. The Richard Reed Armstrong Scholarship is an endowed scholarship for Presidential or Provost Scholars. The Dorothy Westra Scholarship for Women in the Arts is offered on a rotating basis to a deserving female student in the Art, Music, and Theater Arts Departments.

Departmental awards for outstanding students are available to those who demonstrate excellence and promise in studio art. The Art Department is fortunate to have a number of named scholarships to award deserving students.

  • Dorothy Westra Scholarship
  • Clarence Hinkle Scholarship
  • Ian and Joyce Ritchie Scholarship
  • Phyllis Martin Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Steve and Denise Adams Scholarship
  • Wes Nishimura Memorial Scholarship
  • Corita Kent Award
  • Peter Askew Award
  • Richard Cook Award
  • Roy Carlander Award
  • Agnes Carlander Award
  • Clio Award for Art History

In addition to named scholarships there are also general art department scholarships and awards.

Art Scholarship Applications are due by February 1 at 5:00 pm . All declared art and art history majors are eligible to apply. Award recepients will be notified by the Art Department and the Financial Aid office in early April.

STUDIO ART SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION - incoming and returning students


Please contact the department administrative assistant at (805)565-6026 or if you have questions or concerns.