Biology Programs

There are several options for students wishing to major in the biological sciences. BA and BS degrees are offered, the latter having two tracks. In general, the BA allows more flexibility in pursuing other interests in the liberal arts, while the BS is for those choosing rigorous training in the biological sciences, especially with the intent of graduate study.

The specific degree offerings are as follows:

The BA is highly recommended for those choosing a Biology major with the maximum opportunity to pursue other fields. Those planning careers in physical therapy or allied health fields can best fulfill their requirements with this major and a selection of other courses. This is also the recommended choice for pre-med students seeking to double major in biology and a non-science, or those who wish to broaden their liberal arts experience.

The Biology BS general track, the most common choice for Biology majors, provides the broadest training in biology. This is the recommended track for teacher preparation.

The Cellular and Molecular Biology track, is recommended for those seeking graduate training in areas of cell or molecular biology, genetics, neuroscience, or biochemistry, and for pre-med students choosing a science major.

The Environmental Studies and Natural History track, is recommended for those interested in graduate training or careers in field biology or environmental studies.


Requirements for Biology Degree