The Biology Department is housed in Whittier Science Building,Hubbard Hall, and the Biology Annex. These facilities contain teaching and research laboratories along with faculty offices. We focus on faculty-sponsored undergraduate research, believing this is a key component in a strong liberal arts education.
The department’s current facilities include:

Four teaching laboratories:

  • General Biology & Physiology
  • Genetics & Microbiology
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Ecology
Opportunities for Westmont Biology

New Biology Building

Westmont College has recognized the significant growth of the programs in the biological sciences, and the importance of biology to the liberal arts. In this regard, the College is now designing a building that will be adjacent to the Whittier Science building, and will contain the spaces needed for this vibrant major. This building will add three teaching laboratories, two research laboratories and several student project areas, along with office space sufficient for the full department. This building will allow several things:

  1. sufficient teaching laboratory space will be available for all of our courses;
  2. we will have space dedicated to undergraduate research and faculty-student research; and
  3. the faculty will have contiguous office space along with a seminar room to enhance faculty-student interactions.

The building is planned to be three stories in height, with a smaller footprint than the Whittier Science building. The top floor will be at the same level as the top floor of Whittier, while the second floor will be continuous with the first floor of Whittier, allowing integration of the new and existing Biology laboratories. This new building is not currently funded, so any interest in supporting this via designated gifts, challenge gifts or a major gift for the construction would be quite welcome. Copies of the current design are available upon request.

Endowed Faculty Positions

Westmont College has identified Biology as one of the programs in which a new endowed faculty position is desired. The vibrancy of this field, the desire to increase opportunities for undergraduate research, and the central importance of biological study all favor this. If you have interest in this area, please contact us.

Equipment Needs

In addition, the College is seeking to add to the equipment resources of the Biology Department. If you are interested in giving a gift to our department, please contact our department chair, Dr. Eileen McQuade, at (805) 565-6117.


If you are cognizant of funding sources for any of these projects, please contact us at the above phone number or email any of us.