$10,000 Scholarships for CS Majors

Connection Participants
New applications are NOT being accepted as we are in the final year of our grant

NSF We received an award of $287,500 through the S-STEM program of the National Science Foundation to provide scholarships for Westmont students majoring in Computer Science. The grant provided multiple scholarships per year for multiple years through the end of the 2010-2011 academic year. Each scholarship provided up to $10,000 per year toward tuition. In addition to financial support, the program included support for study groups, research experience, conference participation and other activities.


The United States is facing a critical shortage of skilled graduates in computer science. Despite outsourcing, this shortage will continue for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, there is a desperate need for women and persons of color in computer science. Through a grant from the National Science Foundation, we were able to offer generous scholarships to students with financial need and an interest and aptitude to pursue a degree in computer science at Westmont.


The scholarships were awarded to students who demonstrated financial need and academic promise. Financial need was determined by the US Department of Education and Westmont financial aid office. Eligible applicants under this program were legal residents of the United States (citizen, national, refugee or legal alien). To receive an award, applicants needed to be accepted to Westmont and carried a regular full-time academic load. Students with pending admissions were considered for awards conditioned on subsequent acceptance. Awardees demonstrated an interest in and commitment to the field of computer science and through satisfactory progress toward the major maintained their awards and were eligible for annual renewals.


Awards have been made based on unmet financial need up to a maximum of $10,000 per student per year. More than twelve students have recieved awards of amounts up to this maximum.

Application and Selection Process: CLOSED

We are not currently accepting applications for new awards. If additional funds are awarded by NSF we will announce a call for applications.

In prior years of the award, a group of finalists from among the applicants were invited to the Computer Science Connection taking place in February. This two-day event allowed prospective students to meet Westmont computer science faculty, and allowed the faculty to evaluate candidates' promise and merit for a scholarship award. These events involved shared meals, community building exercises, individual and group problem-solving exams, interviews and games.