Rebecca Hodson

We are thrilled to share with you that our Education Department will be offering a Single Subject teaching credential in Music beginning in Fall 2011. Through collaboration with our Music Department, we are able to add this credential to our current list that includes: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Physical Education and Art.


Accreditation - May 2009

In the Department of Education’s first accreditation site visit since 1998, the Westmont program received the highest level of validation from the visiting team. Westmont was awarded the status of “Accreditation,” with no stipulations. Full accreditation is a status that only about half of the California institutions offering teaching credentials are awarded. In this particular case, even the normal requirement for a one-year follow-up report to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing was waived. The team’s many affirmative comments about the quality of the Westmont program were received officially at the May 2009 meeting of the Committee on Accreditation in Sacramento. Westmont will not be visited again until 2016. The Department expresses heart-felt gratitude to the many alumni, students, teachers and principals, colleagues, and community members who took the time to testify electronically, by letter, or in person on behalf of the Westmont program!