Students can teach in a variety of school settings.

Diverse Urban Elementary School

Rebekah Reynolds FredericksonTeaching has always been my passion. I love the joy of seeing eyes light up in understanding, of laughing together as a class, and of loving each child for who God created them to be. However, these joys alone could not have sustained me through my first year of teaching. Without the height and breadth of knowledge my Westmont education gave me, I would not have been prepared. My first year of teaching I found myself in a San Jose, California, second grade classroom with students from the Philippines, China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Korea, Bangladesh, Mexico, and more… I also had one mainstreamed special needs student, and one undiagnosed special needs student.

Rebekah Reynolds Frederickson , '01
Second Grade Teacher
Tom Matsumoto Elementary School
San Jose, CA


Suburban Elementary School

Kristen Thompson MullikinAs a teacher, there is nothing better than watching the light bulb turn on in the minds of your students. There’s not a better feeling. It’s like I’ve turned on a light bulb and their world opens up. I thrive on the challenges and rewards that teaching brings. There is no monotony in teaching because each day is different. I know I’m making a positive difference in the lives of my students.

Kristen Thompson Mullikin , ’03
Second Grade Teacher
Carroll Elementary
Elk Grove, CA



Private Christian School

Juliet Sundberg HoganAfter teaching in public school for three years, I decided to teach in a Christian school. I love being able to pray with students, teach them the Word of God, and integrate my faith into science, history, reading, and even math lessons. My students and I share a special bond because we are able to pray for each other and encourage one another.

Juliet Sundberg Hogan, '02
Fourth Grade Teacher
Stoneybrooke Christian School
San Juan Capistrano, CA






International School

Miranda LahrTeaching internationally is a fantastic opportunity to understand the world from a new point of view. It's been a experience which has challenged me to reconsider my preconceived ideas about education and the cultural norms I’ve taken for granted in the United States. It's exciting to work with students from different cultural backgrounds and encourage them to appreciate the unique perspectives each of their peers brings to the classroom.

Miranda Lahr , '09
Second Grade Teacher
Lincoln School
San Jose, Costa Rica