Reference Files

Reference File Contents

A Reference file contains:

  • Confidential/Non-Confidential Candidate Waiver Form (see below for description)
  • Student Teaching Evaluations (new teachers only)
  • Letters of Recommendation (most districts require at least 3 current letters to start)

The Reference File does not contain:

  • Resume: Usually submitted with your application.
  • Official Transcripts: All transcript requests must go through the Registrar’s Office, which entails a fee.
  • Copies of Credentials: Potential employers will ask you for verification of credentials during the application process.
  • Miscellaneous items: News clippings, fingerprints, medical-related documents etc. should be kept in your personal portfolio, to be made available at the appropriate time during your employment process.

Establishing Your Reference File

You will need to establish your file as Confidential or Non-Confidential by signing a recommendation form. It is very important that they are signed and dated. These recommendations should be mailed back directly from the writer to the Education Department Office. All original recommendations stay in your file. Only copies from your file are sent out. Recommendations from personal friends are not appropriate.

Be sure to return all completed forms to the Education Department Office. You cannot deliver letters for your file personally (either in person or by mail) if you have opened a confidential file.

It is your responsibility to check on the status of your file and verify that the office has received all of your student teacher evaluations and letters of recommendations.

Requests for mailing your file are free of charge until graduation. Any requests after graduation have the following fees:

Fees and Mailing Procedures

To have your file sent, we need a written, faxed or emailed request with the complete address of destination. Phone call requests are accepted only for same-day service. Within five working days from the time of your request, your file will be mailed. We keep in your file a record of all transactions and you can call anytime to check on the status. No confidential files can be hand carried. Once the file is sent, it becomes your responsibility to call the place of employment to ensure its arrival.

Fee Schedule Per Address $ 5.00
Additional Fees:  
Same day service (phone and fax requests)* $10.00
Express mail $13.65
Priority mail (2 day) $ 3.85
Certified mail with return receipt (per address) $ 4.50
Fax (per page) $ 1.25
Recommendations needing to be sent out after the original packet (per page) $ 1.00

* Phone calls are for same-day service only. A written request is still required to follow.
Checks should be made out to Westmont College and sent to the Education Department Office.
Failure to pay for services will result in no further service until bills are paid.

Updating Your File

It is advisable to update your file every 3-5 years. In doing this, you will be ready when a potential job becomes available and will have the confidence that your file is up to date. Files that have not been activated in fifteen or more years will be eliminated.

Other Services and Resources

The Office of Life Planning Office maintains listings of teaching opportunities at Private and international school listings can be found on (password: warriors) They have a variety of resources to help you in the job search process.

A Final Note

The Westmont College’s Education Department Office is here to assist you in meeting your employment goals and objectives. The contents of your Reference File rests with you. The impression that your Reference File leaves with your potential employer is in your hands!