Mission Statement of Westmont History Department

The Westmont College History department is committed to the study of the human past across the world and in many eras. We believe that an understanding of the complexities of history helps students to develop skills relevant for many professions, to grow in empathy and curiosity, and to understand better their own place and calling in the world.


Photo of five Westmont history professors together.

    The History Department at Westmont believes that the study of the past is foundational for a thoughtful and compassionate life. We invite students to examine people, periods, and places that are very different from those they are familiar with, helping them to see how people are shaped by particular contexts. This process enables students to engage people and societies in the present with the sort of humility, empathy, and compassion to which Scripture calls us. The Perspectives on World History course is the core of our program for engaging the whole student body in this way of thinking, while our majors receive more detailed instruction on the practice of history and a deeper and broader understanding of global history. They also develop skills in reading, research, and writing that equip them for a range of careers. We want all our students to be fascinated by the past and to become more curious about the world, past and present.