Internship Opportunities

Westmont at Whitworth in Costa Rica 2014

As Westmont graduates seek further studies in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, or even medical school, more graduate schools look favorably on related internships for acceptance into their programs. In our second year, the Westmont Kinesiology Department is offering a unique internship opportunity in partnership with the Costa Rica Center, developed by Whitworth University.

An internship at the Costa Rica Center allows Westmont students to experience a part of the Central American culture; live among fellow students, professors, and locals; and engage in a hands-on internship in the nearby community.

The program includes an internship in the allied health sciences such as occupational and physical therapy, teaching, and coaching equaling 1-2 credits. The program also includes 3-4 credits of Spanish, if desired, and weekend field trips. Each student will receive a total of 5 credits from the program.

At least one professor from the Kinesiology Department will accompany 12-15 Westmont students and guide them through the internship program.

To receive futher information, click here. If you are interested and meet the qualifications, you can download the Costa Rica Center Application. All applications and letters of recommendation are due on November 22, 2013.