Mission Statement

The Westmont College Kinesiology (KNS) Department celebrates the whole person by focusing on an integrated, scientific approach to the study of the ability of the human mind and body to create and understand movement.  Embedded within this mission statement is the understanding that the mind, body and spirit are inseparable.  The health of the body impacts our intellectual abilities and our preparedness to worship our Creator.  Westmont College has entrusted our department with the responsibility and privilege to assist students in their personal and pre-professional journey to discover, celebrate, execute and communicate these interactions. 

And to that end, we have assessed and reported on five Program Learning Outcomes (PLO). They are as follows:

PLO 1.  Students will be able to articulate a clear set of personal and professional goals by the completion of their senior year.

PLO 2.  Students will include a sociopolitical perspective into their analysis of human disability.

PLO 3.  Upon completion of the Kinesiology major, students will be equipped to gain admission to a graduate program in the allied health sciences or to medical school or gain certification in a professional organization.

PLO 4.  Students will be able to describe human movement from an anatomical and biomechanical perspective.

PLO 5.  KNS majors will demonstrate competent public presentation and teaching skills.