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We certainly do need to study languages as preparation to live in an ever-shrinking world.  But the joy of studying languages and their literature is in our widening perspective and growing appreciation, not only of this world's rich and varied cultural heritage, but of the people shaped by civilizations different from our own with whom we share this world.

It is our belief that foreign language study offers lifelong enrichment.  In addition to the many tangible advantages that knowing another language provide, the more intangible benefits of increased cultural sensitivity and growth as a global Christian cannot be underestimated.  We do hope that as you plan for college you will consider carefully the benefits that foreign language study offers you, and if you have any questions about the courses or programs, please call or email us.

Language students at Westmont can study German at the elementary and intermediate levels and can declare a major in French or in Spanish. Many students majoring in other subjects, whether their vision is for the global economy, serving the local community or the mission field, are declaring a double major, combining Economics and Business, Social Work, or Religious Studies, with either French or Spanish.  We also offer a minor in both Spanish and French, which is a valuable complement to every major.  A fourth opportunity is the English-Modern Language major, a very appealing major for students with a special interest in comparative literature.