Dan Dolson

Adjunct - Professor of Philosophy
Phone: (805) 565-7342
Email: cdolson@westmont.edu
Office Location: Porter Center #4

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Dan grew up in several cities, including: Hammond, IN, Dallas, TX, Shreveport, LA, and Madison, WI. He left his family in Madison to attend Taylor University (B.A., Philosophy). After Taylor, Dan pursued graduate work at Ohio University (M.A., Philosophy) before moving to California in 2006 to attend UC Santa Barbara (M.A. and C.Phil., Philosophy). In addition to Westmont, Dan has taught at Ohio University, Marietta College, Santa Barbara City College, and UC Santa Barbara.

Dan met his wife, Katherine Tompkins, in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico while working for Casas Por Cristo. Katherine is a tar heel (go UNC and boo Duke) and her favorite miracle is when Jesus turned water into wine.

Dan is currently writing (and, hopefully, finishing) a dissertation providing another technical response to David Hume’s “Of Miracles.” And although he enjoys his research, it was not a topic he original anticipated pursuing. So, Dan still maintains a broad range of philosophical interests, including:

·      Metaphysics (e.g., modality, causation, metaontology etc.)
·      Philosophy of Science (e.g., laws of nature, confirmation)
·      Philosophy of Language (e.g., descriptions, context sensitivity)
·      History of Analytic Philosophy (e.g., Russell, Quine, and others)
·      Modern Philosophy (e.g., Hume and Leibniz)
·      Philosophical Logic (e.g., counterfactuals, modal logic)
·      Aesthetics (e.g., film, interpretation)
·      St. Thomas Aquinas
·      Ethics (e.g., trolley’s and transplants)