Winter Hall Entrance

Psychology majors on their way to class in Winter Hall, home of Westmont's Psychology Department

Overview of the Psychology Program

The program in psychology has, at its core, a number of course offerings that are designed to provide a solid foundation for understanding behavior. The major in psychology is more than courses in psychology, however; the Department of Psychology provides information, contacts, and training in areas related to students' interests. This is most obvious in the practicum experience and in senior research, during which students try out, under supervision, the kind of work they might wish to pursue.

In addition, the Department sponsors colloquia to provide exposure to professionals working in various areas of psychology. Recent graduates are sometimes invited to return to campus to describe what it is like in graduate school, in seminary, to teach, and to work in various settings, as well as to provide advice for students. The department presents workshops describing careers in psychology, what graduate school is like, and how to get into graduate school. Information on job opportunities and careers in psychology and graduate school are also available in the department office.

Furthermore, the Department sponsors socials that allow majors to get to know each other better outside of class. A Senior Breakfast, begun in 1974, was a traditional highlight for graduating psychology majors until 2001. In an effort to meet more students' families, a Senior Tea, to which families are invited, was instituted.

Finally, the psychology program depends on the involvement, support, and help of students who assist in research, course work, animal care, helping fellow students who are using the labs, and other projects taking place within the Department. Students who are interested in taking advantage of these opportunities should discuss these possibilities with a faculty member of their choice.

These additional aspects of the psychology program, along with the course work, are intended to provide the best education possible for the student.