Resources for Faculty

Departmental Resources and Policies

Teaching of Psychology web site. This is the Division 2 (APA) web site. Under the Resources link, there is a lot of information about teaching that does not require that you join the division or subscribe to the journal.


Subject Pool Administration. At this web link, you can:

  1) Create an Event
    Create an experimental session; see everyone's experimental sessions; see who has signed up for an experimental session; record Ps who showed up and those who didn't; email Ps about study.
  2) Show Classes
    Get a list of students in each class with the number of studies each has signed up for and participated in. You can also click on a student's name and see exactly what studies he or she signed up for and participated in.
  3). Administer
    This is a list of people who can create experiments. You can add and delete people from this list by typing in their Westmont email address.

Instructions for Researchers

  Please review these instructions for yourself or with your student researchers before using the subject pool.

Departmental Policies and Handbooks

  Animal Adoption Policy and Form
  Key Use Policy and Form
  Department (Chair) handbook
  Secretary's handbook


College Resources and Policies
Advisee Lists WebAdvisor and Employee Information Login as Faculty or as Employee
Making an Appointment with Advisor (for Judy or you to set up appointments) Academic Policies and Procedures
Advising Students Academic Calendar
Class Roster Final Exam Schedule
IRB forms Department Chair Resources