Organizing Information about Your Graduate Schools

A. It will be easier to make comparisons among the characteristics of the various programs if the information you've collected is organized systematically. Use one of the following methods for organizing the material you have:

  1. Use one file folder for each program and list pertinent information on the front OR
  2. Use index cards, one card for each program with the pertinent information

B. Information you will want to record:

  1. Name, address, and phone of program and director
  2. Due date of application and supporting materials
  3. Required tests
    • GRE--just General or General and Subject
    • MAT
  4. Number of recommendations
  5. Slant/bias/orientation of program
  6. Special equipment or facilities
  7. Minimum GPA, GRE; Avg. GPA, GRE
  8. Weight of various accomplishments and documents
  9. Financial aid available; how to request financial aid