Taking Notes from Sources

For each source, create an Author Card and number it. On each Author Card, record all the information that you will need when creating your References page at the end of the paper.

Then for each idea from that source, quote the idea on a new note card. Number this note card with the Author Card's number, write the source page number in the upper right hand corner, and add a sub-topic label that summarizes the idea in the upper left hand corner.

When you've completed your note taking from all your sources, sort your note cards into groups according to the sub-topics that you noted on each note card. Within each sub-topic, order the cards so the ideas flow coherently. Then write your paper, using the ordered note cards, referencing each idea appropriately.

Finally, alphabetize the Author Cards by the author(s)' last names, and type up your References page, using the information on the Author Cards.