Graduation Day

Thinking About Graduate School?

A. Is it for you? Should you apply right after graduating from Westmont?

B. What to consider:

School’s reputation - Program’s reputation - Focus of Program -
Faculty - Location - Price Tag - Available funding -
Class representation and size - Length of Program

C. Getting into Graduate School: What can I do?

  1. Take as many advanced courses as possible in your field.
  2. Get to know your professors, see if you can assist them in research, etc.
  3. Spend your summers wisely: volunteer, do an internship, read!
  4. Find out what test or tests you’ll be required to take in order to apply.
  5. Start the application process early and keep up with what is happening at Universities.
  6. Apply to several schools (six is a good number).
  7. Visit as many schools as you can, and talk to the professors.
  8. Writing and researching is what grad school is all about; demonstrate you can do the work.
  9. Master’s vs Doctorate program: choose to apply for the doctorate.
  10. Be prepared to apply again if you are not accepted the first time around.

D. The application essay

  1. Start early, this is important and you will want to write the very best essay you possibly can if you hope to get into graduate school.
  2. Pay extremely close attention to spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and word usage and have others proofread your essay, including your advisor.

E. Become a member of Professional organizations and Non-Profit
Organizations, etc.

Useful websites:

National Association of Social Workers

American Sociological Association

American Anthropological Association

Chronicle of Higher Education

The National Academies’ Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education:

North American Association of Christians in Social Work