Andrea Fishman

Andrea FishmanAndrea Fishman is a teacher, Classics scholar, and musician. She has a Ph.D. in Classics, with research interests in Ancient Greek Drama, Reception Studies, women in the An-cient world, and Ancient and Modern Mediterranean music. She has held academic ap-pointments at Northwestern University, the University of California (Santa Barbara and Davis), and Lewis and Clark College. Dr. Fishman is committed to expanding the tradi-tional limits of Classical philological scholarship to make it more open and accessible to scholars outside of Classics as well as to the non-academic audience through her teaching, diachronic and interdisciplinary research on lament traditions, and performance-based projects that incorporate music and dance into modern performances of Classical Greek dramas.

Andrea has performed Middle-Eastern, Jewish and Balkan music, song and dance for 25 years. She is a vocalist and percussionist, specializing in Sephardic Jewish song and Middle-Eastern frame drumming. She was a member of the AMAN International Music and Dance Ensemble, and has performed with various ensembles in Los Angeles, Berke-ley, Chicago and Portland. She is a member of the UC Santa Barbara Middle-East Music and Dance Ensemble, and the founder and vocalist of Flor de Kanela, a local Sephardic Jewish music ensemble.