Erlyne Whiteman

Erlyne Whiteman

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
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Sacred Dance

Erlyne Whiteman is an associate dance professor and artistic director of the Westmont College Windancers.

Dr. Whiteman has danced with and directed Jubilee Dancers, a sacred dance troupe (1980-1989) and occasionally performs as a guest artist. She is past-president of the Southern California Chapter of the Sacred Dance Guild and is active in the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance, National Dance Association, and the Society of Dance History Scholars. She has published articles and chapters in texts on dance management and for Christianity Today on sacred dance. Her technical background includes Gus Giordano Chicago Jazz; and Chautauqua, New York Summer School of Dance in Graham and Limon technique (modern). She has also been involved in musical theatre (dance, voice, and piano) since high school, choreographing for college and later for public schools in the Chicago area.

Recently, a piece combining dance and visual art (Kandinsky and Palucca) was accepted at the International Conference on Arts and the Humanities in Hawaii, 2006. It was the culmination of four years of work, traveling and researching the interface of German Expressionism in Dance and Visual Art. The piece was also accepted at the SBDA (Santa Barbara Dance Alliance) 2005 opening. A new project is in the works for 2009-10 with a well-known choreographer. More to come as the piece unveils.

She has a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in dance administration and a master’s degree in dance education.