Advising Check list

First Year Students

  • Receive a copy of your Academic Evaluation. Double check your copy. Notify the Student Records Office of any discrepancies (missing AP/IB/transfer courses).
  • If there are missing scores/classes, supply the needed transcripts or score reports from the appropriate colleges/companies (contact information available online in the Student Records page under “Forms”)
  • Meet with assigned advisor and discuss your academic and vocational future.
  • Review your Academic Evaluation with your advisor and make sure you understand what it is showing.
  • If you have chosen a major and/or minor, consult the catalog and learn the major requirements.  Discuss any questions with your advisor.
  • If you are undecided for your major, consult the catalog, Career Development & Calling, your advisor and other resources to gain information to aid in your decision.
  • Seek information on off campus programs so you may plan your academic schedules accordingly.
  • If you are thinking of taking summer courses elsewhere, fill out a “Request for Pre-approval for transfer credit” form from the Student Records Office as soon as possible (available online).
  • Know what tutoring services are available in your courses if needed.
  • Get involved outside of the classroom to learn transferable skills and broaden your experience.
  • Bring at least one draft of a paper to the Writers Corner for input


  • Choose a major and/or minor and fill out a major/minor declaration form (spring semester).
  • Change advisor to a professor in your major department (if needed)
  • Schedule a longer advising time to work with your advisor to write out a plan for the  classes needed for graduation (not to be done just prior to the registration period).
  • Gain information regarding off campus programs if interested.
  • Double check your Academic Evaluation that you will get from the Student Records office once per semester.  Notify them of any discrepancies.


  • Fill out the “Application for Degree” received from the Student Records office with your advisor and turn in to the Student Records office.
  • Review your program/graduation requirements/academic progress with your advisor and/or the Student Records office to make sure 124 units are going to be met.
  • Fill out applications and take the GRE/MCAT/LSAT if needed for graduate school.
  • Check out the Internship Office or major department for internship opportunities.


  • Take the GRE/MCAT/LSAT if needed for graduate school.
  • Fill out graduate school applications.
  • Review your “Application for Degree” sheet to make sure you are on schedule to graduate.