Westmont College Timeline

1937 Bible Missionary Institute in Los Angeles founded by Mrs. Ruth K. Kerr
1939 Bible Missionary Institute was renamed Western Bible College

Western Bible College became a Christian liberal arts college and was renamed Westmont College by Dr. Emerson because it was in the west among the mountains.


Dr. Wallace L. Emerson   First President

1945 Westmont College relocated to the Montecito campus and classes began in the fall of 1945.

Dr. James Forrester   Second President


Dr. Roger J. Voskuyl   Third President

1958 Westmont received accreditation from the Western College Accreditation Association.

Dr. John W. Snyder   Fourth President


Dr. Lyle C. Hillegas  Fifth President

1976-2001 Dr. David K. Winter  Sixth President
2001-06 Dr. Stan D. Gaede   Seventh President
2007- Dr. Gayle D. Beebe  Eighth President