Dining Commons Renovation Project
Phase Two - Summer 2012

Updated 8/7/12

The Dining Commons Renovation is well underway, and expected to be completed in time for Orientation Week in August. Some key enhancements included in the renovation include:

* Relocation of a new and improved entrance to facilitate ease of entry and exit, as well as better control temperature inside the facility.

* New backpack room near an improved dish drop area.

* Lounge area inside the entrance with soft seating and lots of light.

* Center seating area with large, high, "communal" tables.

* "Banquette"seating throughout the area with flexible table arrangements. Seat 2,4,6,8,10,...whatever!

* Monroe Dining room renovated for quieter dining, including two large and five smaller booths.

* Relocated and larger salad and deli bar, and improved cereal, bread, and grains area.

* Renovated serving area with the center island removed and a new presentation cooking area.

* Beverage stations scattered around the dining areas.

* A significant "face-lift" with ceilings, flooring, walls, and new seating in most areas.

CLOSURES (As of this date - subject to change):
Founders Room & Alumni Gallery: May 7 - Aug 19 - Reopen Monday August 20
Main Dining Commons: May 7 - Aug 21- Reopens for dinner Tuesday August 21
Patio: Aug 6-21 - Reopens for dinner Tuesday August 21
Monroe Dining Room: Jul 23 - Aug 22 - Reopens for lunch Wednesday August 22
El Tejado - Closed Wednesday Aug 22 - Reopens for lunch Thursday August 23

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