Decorating the DC

We want to keep the DC looking nice. We understand that occasionally you want it to look even nicer for a special event or promotion. One of our favorite examples would be the Potter's Claykickoff lunch complete with churros and Mariachi band!

There are certain concerns the Fire Marshall, Westmont Public Safety, Sodexo, and Westmont Procurement will have, however, so it is required that you first meet with the Associate Director of Procurement to review the 8 Rules for Decorating "My" DC. The faculty/staff person "sponsoring" your event and at least the lead student responsible for the decorating (but as many of the involved students as possible) need to attend this meeting. To set it up, contact

Note: You can also advertise your event or post other information on the announcement screens in the foyer by clicking here!

Thank you for your cooperation!!!