Golf Carts at the DC policy

Posted 6/6/2014

Golf cart Parking Area Golf carts at the Dining Commons are to be parked in the area adjacent to the DC parking lot, and between the lot and the large trees. Please leave the remainder of that area beyond the trees available for Sodexo staff automobile parking.
Cart parking entrance That area is most easily and quickly accessed from the top corner of the DC parking lot.
DC walking path Golf cart parking is no longer permitted on the walking path.
Egress at DC entrance BY ORDER OF THE FIRE MARSHALL...

Golf cart parking is not permitted in emergency egress zones for the Dining Commons. This includes....
Egress - Monroe golf cart parking in the emergency egress zone for Monroe Dining Room.
Individually permitted cart spaces 1 & 2

There are two "bays" between pillars that do not fall into emergency egress zones. These are ONLY for the use of INDIVIDUALLY PERMITTED carts given specific approval for medical reasons. Carts may only park here when the assigned user has been permitted by either the Transportation Dept (students during the academic year) or Conference Services (Conference guests during the summer season).

Thank you for your cooperation!