Non-student Organizations

Posted 1/24/2013

Non-student organizations, whether external or internal to Westmont College, wishing to utilize tables to display may do so by reserving space with Career Development & Calling, which coordinates visits and available space. Use is restricted per the guidelines below and on the prior page.

These spaces are for recruiting and campus promotion only. No sales of goods or services by non-student organizations is permitted.

If it is not raining:
* The "permanent" table at area e1 should be used first.
* If there are two or three organizations scheduled for the same day, additional tables and chairs must be arranged in advance through Career Development & Calling (external organizations) or Event Services (internal departments). One additional table can added to area e1 and/or one table can be added at area e2.
* Currently no power is available outside. We are working on that. Cords must not be run into the building.
* No other area should be used on walkways around the Dining Commons. Fire egress and the bicycle area must not be infringed on.
* The lawns should never be used, except for official "fairs" scheduled by Life Planning.

If it is RAINING, organizations are then permitted to move inside as follows:

* The foyer or any other area not listed below must never be used.
* One or two organizations may set up at area i1 or i2; however...
* Student organizations have "first rights" to area i1, in which case area i2 must be used.
* Note that the ONLY area in which power is available and can be used is at area i2.
* Only when a third non-student organization is present, may area i3 be used by them.
* Area e1 is covered and may still be used if desired.