Policies for Scheduled Recruiters and
Student Organization Tables at the Dining Commons

Posted 1/24/2013

Recruiter table outside the DC








All non-Westmont organizations or campus departments wishing to utilize display space must register with the Office of Life Planning, which coordinates visits and available space. A maximum of three non-student organizations are permitted at the DC each day. Events with more organizations require a "fair" setting arranged through the Office of Life Planning in coordination with Event Services.

All Westmont student organizations can utilize space in the DC without reservations, but must adhere to the guidelines pertaining to that use (link below).

Other solutions are being evaluated, but the current policies are:

Hard and fast rules for all users:
* No electrical cords may be run across traffic areas/aisles/walkways.
* No aisles or emergency egress lanes may be blocked with any items, inside or outside the building.
* The foyer inside the building may never be used.
* Tablecloths are permitted and preferred.
* All signage must be freestanding. No tape may be used on ANY surface inside or outside the building, EXCEPT banners may be taped to the front edges of tables ONLY if blue painters tape is used. That is the only place any tape may be used.
* ALL organizations are responsible for any damage they inflict to the facility, including but not limited to flooring, walls, and furniture.
* Any exceptions to any of the policies in these web pages must be reviewed in advance and approved by Westmont Auxiliary Services.

Westmont student organizations

All others (external organizations and internal departments)