Television service on campus

Updated 7/28/2017

Television in Residence Hall lounges and other locations on campus is supplied by DirecTV and centrally administered by the Office of Procurement & Auxiliary Services.

The DirecTV service is a commercial account with a fairly robust selection of channels. There are no channel restrictions in the residence hall locations. Students in on campus residence halls can check out remotes from the RA lounges. If the remote cannot be located, contact the RA on duty or the Resident Director.

Pay-Per-View services are not available.

Televisions in the Dining Commons (El Tejado) are restricted to Sports & News; however, the main 55" screen with sound, and a second alternative closed caption screen can be switched to any available channel. The third closed caption screen can be switched to any available News channel.

Each apartment at the off campus Ocean View Apartments has it's own DirecTV receiver (cable is located in the living room).

Please use the equipment with care. You may be responsible for
Lost/Damaged Equipment Fees . Ocean View residents, please note, this includes our 3-color-A/V
HDMI cable from the receiver to your own television screen!

On campus Television Locations:

No channel restrictions: Sports & News Channels Only:
Page Hall (#4) - Multi-Purpose Room El Tejado (#1) - 55" Screen with sound
Page Hall (#5) - 2nd Floor Kitchen/Lounge El Tejado (#2) - 42" Screen with closed captions
Page Hall (#6) - 3rd Floor Kitchen/Lounge Ritchie's Place (#16) - ??" Screen with sound
Emerson Hall (#7) - Lounge News Channels Only:
Clark Hall (#8) - Clark A Kitchen/Lounge El Tejado (#3) - 42" Screen with closed captions
Van Kampen Hall (#9) - Kitchen/Lounge  
Armington Hall (#10) - "C" Kitchen/Lounge  
Eaton Hall (#11) - 1st Floor Kitchen/Lounge  
Eaton Hall (#12) - 2nd Floor Kitchen/Lounge  
Barbour Hall (#13) - 1st Floor Kitchen/Lounge  
Barbour Hall (#14) - 2nd Floor Kitchen/Lounge  
Global Leadership Center (#15) - Main Lounge Reservable space - May not be available

The Main Lounge in the Global Leadership Center is reservable space, and may not be available for general viewing. Other locations in the Global Leadership Center and administration departments elsewhere on campus are not for general viewing.

If there is a problem with the DirecTV service, or for questions regarding adding or changing service, please contact us via email at Please include the location # from
above (#1 - #16) when applicable.