Chapel CD's

The Westmont Worship Team has recorded several CD's of live worship from Westmont's Chapels. All profits from CD sales go towards paying off operating costs and seeding any future Chapel CD projects. Visit the Westmont Bookstore to order a copy.

We hope these CD's give a snapshot of the Worshiping Community here at Westmont, and act as a reminder of God's faithfulness over the years.

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  1. The Love of God: Westmont Chapel '03-'04
  2. Before All Things: Westmont Chapel '05-'06
  3. In the Sanctuary: Westmont Chapel 2006-2007
  4. The Sea Will Resound: Westmont Chapel '07-'08
  5. All The Saints: Westmont Chapel '08-'09
  6. City of God: Westmont Chapel '09-'10
  7. As It Is In Heaven (pictured below)

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The Sea Will Resound: Westmont Chapel 2007-2008

CD cover


All songs can be purchased on iTunes.

Disc 1:

  1. Intro
  2. Hosanna
  3. 95
  4. All Creatures of our God and King
  5. Kingdom
  6. Healer
  7. Our Deliverer
  8. Lead Me To the Cross
  9. By His Wounds
  10. I Stand Amazed
  11. Our God
  12. You'll Come
  13. At the Foot of the Cross
  14. Thy Mercy My God
  15. Revelation Song
  16. O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus

Disc 2:

  1. Be Thou My Vision
  2. Lord of the Dance (Cry of the Celts)
  3. "Farandole" from L'arelsienne Suite #2
  4. Selections from Peer Gyn Suites - Morning Mood
  5. Selections from Peer Gyn Suites - Ingrid's Lament
  6. Selections from Peer Gyn Suites - Solveig's Song
  7. Selections from Peer Gyn Suites - In the Hall of the Mountain King
  8. Menuet Antique
  9. "Sanctus" from the Requiem
  10. O Come Ye Servants of the Lord
  11. Lord's Prayer
  12. Savior of the Nations
  13. Here is Love
  14. Blessed Assurance
  15. Sancus from the Mass for Four Voices
  16. Sing Unto the Lord
  17. I Can Tell the World
Album Credits

The Westmont Worship Team 2010-2011 is:

Joel Patterson, Director of Music and Worship
Acoustic: Andrew Beck, Todd Scalisi, Trevor Welch
Vocals: Kristen Brizendine, Melissa Christensen, Lauren Martin, Andrew Beck, John Senyard, Jasmine Guerrero, Kaylor Erickson, Laura Robinett
Keyboards/Synth: Eben Drost, Mark Skovorodko
Electric guitars: Michelle San Jose, Will Hochberger, Lawrence Chen
Bass: Drew Crowther, Daniel Gee

Violin: Emily McClean
Viola: Megan Wong
Drums: Jordan Bleecker, Leif Tinsley
Percussion: Elizabeth Clendenen
Cello: Daniel Gee

The Westmont College Orchestra
Dr. Michael Shasberger, Conductor

Dr. Phillip Ficsor, Dr. Paul Mori, Dr. Nona Pyron, Claude-Lise Lafranque and Valerie Malvinni, section coaches

The Westmont College Choir
Dr. Michael Shasberger, Conductor
Neil Di Maggio & Margaret Halbig, Accompanists

The Westmont Chamber Singers
Dr. Grey Brothers, Conductor

"O The Deep Deep Love of Jesus" features Emily McClean, Maddy Martin, Megan Wong, and Daniel Gee. String arrangements of "O The Deep Deep Love of Jesus" and orchestra arrangement of Hosanna by Daniel Gee.

Special Thanks To:
Trinity Hokama, Steve Butler, Michele Mollkoy, Elena Yee, Colleen Atkinson, Jeremy Fletcher, Angela D'Amour, Brad Elliott and the Westmont Sound Crew, the Chapel Setup and Teardown Crews, Andy White and Matt Knoles, Eric Palmquist, Dan Patterson, Erin Patterson, The Bos family, Tina Valencia, Joyce Luy, and Dwight Beal. All thanks to Jesus Christ. Soli Deo Gloria.

All songs used by permission.

Recorded November 2010-March 2011
Executive Producers: Michael Shasberger and Ben Patterson
Produced by Joel Patterson
Pro Tools/Recording Engineer: Dan Bos at Truetone Productions

Mixed by: Dan Bos and Joel Patterson
Mastered by: Dan Bos at Truetone Productions
Graphic Design: Taylor Gray
Tech Support/Live Mix: Brad Elliott and the Westmont Sound Crew
Choir Directors: Michael Shasberger and Grey Brothers
Orchestra Conductor: Michael Shasberger
All songs used by permission.