Chapel CD's

The Westmont Worship Team has recorded several CD's of live worship from Westmont's Chapels. All profits from CD sales go towards paying off operating costs and seeding any future Chapel CD projects. Visit the Westmont Bookstore to order a copy.

We hope these CD's give a snapshot of the Worshiping Community here at Westmont, and act as a reminder of God's faithfulness over the years.

Click on a link below to view examples:

  1. The Love of God: Westmont Chapel '03-'04
  2. Before All Things: Westmont Chapel '05-'06 (pictured below)
  3. In the Sanctuary: Westmont Chapel 2006-2007
  4. The Sea Will Resound: Westmont Chapel '07-'08
  5. All The Saints: Westmont Chapel '08-'09
  6. City of God: Westmont Chapel '09-'10
  7. As It Is in Heaven: Westmont Chapel '10-'11

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Before All Things: Westmont Chapel '05-'06


Before All Things Artwork


Click on a linked track to hear a sample.

1. Creation Song

2. Forever

3. Holy Is the Lord

4. Holy Holy Holy

5. Ben Patterson - 9/7/05

6. Before All Things

7. Stan Gaede – 3/4/05

8. Come Thou Fount

9. Thy Matchless Love

10. Jesus, I Adore Thee

11. Kaunga Yachee

12. Ben Patterson – 1/24/05

13. Chakutumaini Sina

14. Ben Patterson – 2/15/06

15. Isaiah 43 (I am the Lord, Your God)

16. I Have Been Redeemed

17. Ben Patterson – 9/14/05

18. Sing to Jesus

19. Unashamed Love

20. Stan Gaede – 3/4/05

21. We Fall Down / Nos Prostramos

22. Ben Patterson – 4/8/05

23. In Christ Alone

24. In Need

25. Benediction


Album Credits

Recorded April 2005, November 2005 and January 2006

Executive Producers: Ben Patterson and Shirley Mullen

Produced by: Joel Patterson

Pro Tools/Recording Engineer: Dan Bos at Truetone Productions (

Mixed by: Dan Bos and Joel Patterson

Mastered by: Mark Casselman at Orange Whip Studios

Graphics & Layout: Kevin Funkhouser

Copy Editor: Erin Patterson

Tech Support/Live Mix: Brad Elliott and the Westmont Sound Crew

String arrangements by Phil Walton

Choir Directors: Michael Shasberger, Steve Hodson, and Grey Brothers

Orchestra Conductor: Emily Sommermann


Joel Patterson, Director of Music and Worship: Acoustic/Electric/Bass guitars, Vocals

Jeff Given: acoustic/electric guitar/keys/vocals

James Peel: acoustic guitar/vocals

Andrew Reid, Andy Patterson: bass guitar

Jo Koh, Stephen Raub, Wayne Iba: keys

Joel Encarnacion, Brad Jensen, Thomas Hugo, Val Lehman, Andrew Smyth: drums & percussion

Janine Greenfield: percussion

Kevin Funkhouser, Brian Holland, Mike Ridenour: electric guitar

Lorelei Belindean, Emily Boyd, Leslie Carroll, Heidi Dirks, Kaimana Farris, Kirsten Gaede,Tori Lund,

Noela Alkhato, Melissa Chaty, Michelle Clausen, Elizabeth LePley, Jessica Weber, Courtney

Whitmore, Victoria Hernandez: vocals

Dan Bos: additional percussion/guitars

New Sounds

The Westmont Chamber Orchestra

The Westmont Chamber Singers

The Westmont College Choir

The Westmont Women’s Chorale