Chapel CD's

The Westmont Worship Team has recorded several CD's of live worship from Westmont's Chapels. All profits from CD sales go towards paying off operating costs and seeding any future Chapel CD projects. Visit the Westmont Bookstore to order a copy.

We hope these CD's give a snapshot of the Worshiping Community here at Westmont, and act as a reminder of God's faithfulness over the years.

Click on a link below to view examples:

  1. The Love of God: Westmont Chapel '03-'04
  2. Before All Things: Westmont Chapel '05-'06
  3. In the Sanctuary: Westmont Chapel 2006-2007
  4. The Sea Will Resound: Westmont Chapel '07-'08 (pictured below)
  5. All The Saints: Westmont Chapel '08-'09
  6. City of God: Westmont Chapel '09-'10
  7. As It Is in Heaven: Westmont Chapel '10-'11

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The Sea Will Resound: Westmont Chapel 2007-2008

Chapel CD: The Sea Will Resound



Click on a linked track to hear a sample:

  1. You Are Good
  2. Our King
  3. Bless the Lord
  4. Praise Ye the Lord
  5. Hosanna
  6. Words That You Say
  7. If You Say Go
  8. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
  9. Be Thou My Vision
  10. Lord of Eternity
  11. Filled With Your Glory
  12. Speechless
  13. Be My Everything
  14. None But Jesus
  15. The Sea Will Resound
Album Credits

Producer: Joel Patterson

Drums: Tim Nevills and Dave Fertello

Bass guitar: Danny TerVooren and Joel Patterson

Electric guitar: Geoff Jensen, John Misenhimer and Joel Patterson

Piano/B3: Allyson Arendsee, Taylor Gray, Mary Posluch and Kristen Shomber

Acoustic Guitar: Ruben Cortez, Brandon Waybright and Brendan Moore

Percussion: Kevin Foote

Violin: Aimee Wong, Daniel Sheasby and David Fertello

Alto: Christi Davis, Tracey Cooper, Brittney Brown and Erika Olson

Soprano: Lauren Salaun, Jen Roh and Kim Sparks

Additional Vocals: Allyson Arendsee, Ruben Cortez, David Fertello, Kevin Foote, Taylor Gray, Mary

Posluch, Kristen Shomber, Brandon Waybright, and Joel Patterson.

The Westmont Chamber Orchestra

Recorded live during the fall 2007 & spring 2008 semesters at Westmont College in Santa Barbara,


Pro Tools/Recording Engineer: Dan Bos at Truetone Productions (

Tech/Live Mix: Brad Elliott & the Westmont Sound Crew

Orchestra & College Choir conducted by Dr. Michael Shasberger

Mixed by Dan Bos and Joel Patterson

Mastered by Dan Bos at Truetone Productions (

Graphics/Layout: Brandon Waybright

Original orchestral compositions by Taylor Gray (Lord of Eternity) and JAC Redford (Speechless)

Additional vocal arrangements by Joel Patterson

*All songs used by permission

*"The Sea Will Resound" was written by Geoff Jensen

*"Be My Everything" was written by Ruben Cortez

*Special thanks to Montecito Covenant Church and Byron Beck.