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Contact Information

Ben Patterson
Campus Pastor
For Appointments call    
805.565.6170 or email coatkins@westmont.edu

Joel Patterson
Director of Music & Worship
805.565.6084 or email jopatter@westmont.edu

Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108


Online Chapel Archive

The Chapel/Convocation program plays an important role in education at Westmont. Through Chapel/Convocation, the Westmont community shares in Christ-centered worship, listens to speakers who integrate faith and learning, and considers how to follow Christ in a broken world.

Date Speaker Title
4-25-03 Ben Patterson Prayers of Thanks
4-23-03 Bart Tarman A God You Can't Outgrow
4-16-03 Ben Patterson Praying Through Psalm 22
4-14-03 Ken Gire Is It Fun?
4-11-03 Academic Convocation
4-9-03 Rudy Carrasco
4-7-03 Ben Patterson The Hope of Glory
4-4-03 Stan Gaede
4-2-03 Ben Patterson Freedom In Generosity
3-31-03 Francis Chan Living With Purpose
3-28-03 Ben Patterson The Church as a Means of Grace
3-26-03 Doug Rumford Be Living Reminders
3-24-03 Britt Merrick A Love Affair With Jesus
3-21-03 Kathy Noling, Megan Obermann, Megan Nevills
3-19-03 Ben Patterson, Shirley Mullen, Stan Gaede, Kathy Noling, Paul Angone, Kerry McGuigan Prayer Service
3-17-03 Tremper Longman III Wisdom
3-7-03 Ben Patterson
3-5-03 Telford Work Lent
3-3-03 Stan Gaede Where Do You Draw the Line?
2-21-03 Ben Patterson The Case for the Church
2-19-02 Toya Cooper Personal Testimony
2-14-02 Bruce Bickel Love Me, I'm Family
2-10-02 Jane Higa Testimony
2-7-03 Stan Gaede
2-5-03 Jonathan Wilson
2-3-03 Ben Patterson and Jim Eddy
1-31-03 Shirley Mullen and others Liberal Arts Conversation
1-29-03 Andrew Walls First Presbyterian
1-27-03 Multiple Speakers Precious in His Sight
1-24-03 Ben Patterson
1-22-03 Shirley Mullen
1-15-03 Ben Patterson
1-13-03 John Hanson
1-10-03 Stan Gaede
1-6-03 Ben Patterson