All positions on the Spring Sing Committee are part of a creative team that plans, manages, and produces Spring Sing. The committee functions as a team, but there are tasks specific to each role. The responsibilities for each committee member are listed below.

Note: the time commitment grow as Spring Sing approaches. In general, Committee members can expect the following time commitment:

  • 1 hour a week for weekly committee meetings
  • 2-3 hours a week of position specific work
  • 4-5 hours per night the week of gym rehearsals (approximately 7pm to 11pm)
  • Most of the day for dress rehearsal and Spring Sing



Assistant Business Manager

The Assistant Business Manager assists the Business Manager in any way necessary. Since the Business Manager is in charge of organizing the budget, this position could entail organizing receipts, managing reimbursements, and assisting in monitoring the revenue and expenses alongside the Business Manager.

The Assistant Business Manager is responsible for selling Spring Sing merchandise (tshirts, DVDs, etc.). Additionally, he/she organizes hospitality needs for committee meetings, the dress rehearsal, and the day of the show.


Assistant Ticket Sales Manager

The Assistant Ticket Manager assists the Ticket Sales Manager in any way necessary. The person in this position works throughout the semester in contacting various groups throughout campus as well as working closely with the Technical Director in discussion with the Santa Barbara Bowl. The week of the show is the biggest week for the Ticket Sales team, especially the night of the show where they run the box office.

Additionally, the Ticket Sales Manager helps organizes hospitality needs for committee meetings, dress rehearsal, and day of the show.


Band Director

The Band Director coordinates the band members and directs all the music for the show as well as for Kick-Off. This position works with the dorm directors regarding their music. Musical leadership is desired for this position.

  • Obtain sheet music for the music selections
  • Recruit a band
  • Work wtih the directors to get the timeing down for all songs



The Co-Producer has a variety of responsiblities including assisting the Producer, serving as a liaison for the Directors, and managing backstage activities on the day of the show alongside the Stage Managers.

The Co-Producer works with the directors to ensure they know the expectations of the production and remain on schedule. As the liaison between the Spring Sing Committee and the directors, this role requires constant, open communication with the dorm directors, in addition to running the directors meetings with the Producer.

  • Act as a liaison between the RDs and Spring Sing
  • Run the entire show from backstage during the performance
  • Ensure post-show clean up procedures are followed.


Kick-Off/Side Acts Manager (2 positions)

The Kick-Off/Side Acts Managers organize Kick-Off, and the Side Acts. These two managers will pick the theme for Kick-Off, come up with the games, and ultimately run the Kick-Off events. They also audition and select the Side Acts to perform.

  • Plan and oversee kick-off
  • Supervise committee donation collection for kick-off
  • Brainstorm and implement themese
  • Recruit ~20 side acts to audtion. Select 8-14 sideacts for the show (in consultation with producer, co-producer, and Assistant Director of Campus Life)
  • Adverstise sideact auditions
  • Conduct sideact auditions (about six weeks before the show)
  • Supervise sideacts during dress rehearsal and during the actual show (including props, entrances, exits, etc.)


Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager plans and implements the marketing of Spring Sing. All flyers, posters, programs, and art design are the responsibility of the Marketing Manager. Artistic skill, specifically in graphic design, is required for this position. This position will be working closely with the Photo/Media Managert and the Assistant Director of Campus Life to promote Spring Sing.

Reach all of the on and off-campus students by creatively advertising for:

  • Kick Off
  • Side Act Auditions
  • Director's Deadlines/DC Rehearsals
  • Tickets
  • TShirts and DVD Sales
  • The Spring Sing Show

Design, order, and/or print:

  • Spring Sing shirts
  • Committee sweatshirts
  • Spring Sing program


Photo/Media Manager

The main responsibility of the Photo/Media Manager is to take photos of all Spring Sing events. The Photo/Media Manager works alongside the Marketing Manager to promote Spring Sing. The Photo/Media Manager works with the Assistant Director of Campus Life to update the Student Life Facebook page and Spring Sing webpage as well as writing articles for the Horizon on behalf of the Spring Sing Committee.

It is required that this position have experience with photography skills. This position will be working closely with the Marketing Manager, the Assistant Director of Campus Life, and the Technical Director of Events.



Stage Manager (2 positions)

The two Stage Managers lead backstage the day of the show alongside the Co-Producer. Before the show they communicate with the dorm directors about backdrops and props for the show. The Stage Managers also organize the trasport of props and backdrops to the Santa Barbara Bowl on the day of dress rehearsal.

  • Order, store, and distribute cardboard for backdrops
  • Bring all backdrops and large props to the venue for dress rehearsal
  • Assist in running the dress rehearsal by knowing the order, where exactly props go, how people are entering/exiting the stage, how to change the sets, etc.
  • Organize and keep track of all backstage props during the show
  • Direct and oversee everyone entering and exiting the stage
  • Making sure groups "on deck" on quiet


Video Manager

The video manager is responsible for the various videos that are shown at kickoff and the night of the show. In the past the video manager has created a highlight reel to show at kickoff, a kickoff video that introduces the theme, and a committee introduction video for the night of the show. It is essential that this person be highly organized, able to meet deadlines, and have experience with film making.