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New Student Orientation is the intentional process of assisting new students in making a successful transition to the academic and cultural environment of Westmont.

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Orientation Intern [2]

There are two Orientation Interns who work closely with the Director of Campus Life and O Team to plan and implement new student Orientation in the fall. The position offers a creative opportunity to develop administrative, interpersonal and leadership skills.

The goals of Orientation are as follows:

  • Prepare students for academic success
  • Begin conversations about important values and Westmont community principles
  • Introduce students to services, co-curricular programs and involvement opportunities
  • Provide students with the space and information necessary to make a personal transition to Westmont
  • Foster introductions and interaction between fellow students, faculty, and staff

What are the Hours?

  • Interns start in May (right after graduation) and work 12/hrs per week through early August.
  • In early August hours increase to 20 hours per week
  • One week before Orientation, Interns are expected to work full time concluding the weekend prior to the start of classes.
  • Summer vacations can be coordinated around Intern duties.
What is the Compensation?
  • Orientation Interns will be paid hourly at $11/hr.

What are the Specific Responsibilities?

Extensive Planning & Preparation

  • Oversee all logistics for Orientation move in and welcome tent
  • Plan Orientation signage, secure vehicles & order necessary supplies
  • Communicate through Facebook and bi-monthly e-mails to incoming students
  • Prepare and update materials for new student folders

Training and Oversight of the O-Team  

  • Serve as the point of contact between O-Team members and the director of campus life during training and Orientation
  • Plan and run a 3 day O-Team training retreat the weekend before Orientation
  • Assign O-Team members to individual assignments

Facilitation of the Orientation Event

  • Support and oversee O-Team members and volunteers
  • Work closely with the O-Team to ensure high quality service
  • Trouble shoot problems and challenges

After Orientation Responsibilities

  • Participate as a student leader at the FY Retreat one weekend in September
  • Participate in weekly meetings in September to debrief Orientation and plan for the FY Retreat
  • Help recruit and interview the new Orientation team in spring semester
Orientation Team (O-Team) Member [22]*

The O-Team works under the supervision of the Director of Campus Life and the Orientation Interns running the Fall and Spring new student Orientation programs; planning and executing the First Year Retreat; supporting Westmont's mission in day-to-day contact with new students and their parents; and participating in appropriate evaluation of Westmont's Orientation programs.

Who can Apply?

Any Westmont student with the following characteristics may apply for the Orientation Intern position:

  • Committed to helping new students make a smooth and successful adjustment to Westmont
  • Willingness to exercise gifts of organization, creativity, hospitality, and service
  • Possesses an understanding of and personal support for Westmont's mission, campus environment and faith commitment
  • Demonstrates confidence and maturity in interpersonal relationships

What are the Time Commitments?

  • Two afternoon gatherings in April to get to know one another and begin training
  • In mid-August (~10 days before school starts) Orientation Team members are expected to participate full-time in training, followed by the Orientation event itself, which will conclude the Sunday before classes start
  • Weekly meetings in September to debrief Orientation and plan first year unity activities
  • First Year Retreat or alternate unity event one weekend in September
  • Some of the O-Team will assist with Spring Orientation the weekend before the spring semester
  • Help recruit and interview next year's O-Team in spring semester

What are the Specific Responsibilities?

  • Lead a small group of new students during Orientation and the First Year Retreat
  • Assist with the arrival and move in process
  • Welcome students and families at various Orientation events
  • Help prepare new student folders, and coordinate event logistics
  • Participate in on-going communication with a group of new students before, during and after Orientation
  • Other duties as assigned

*O-Team positions are all unpaid volunteer positions.