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la gran semana SPRING BREAK WEEK (Ensenada, Mexico)

pc 2014During SPRING BREAK, over 300 Westmont students, staff, faculty, and professional volunteers camp out beneath the stars at night and work enthusiastically during the day on teams across Ensenada. Whether it be construction, medical/dental, photography, street dance teams, mobile salon, kitchen, sports, surf camps, praise and worship, or VBS, there is ample opportunity for ALL to be actively involved in supporting the long-term work of our Mexican partners in Ensenada!

To ensure safety, efficiency, and best practices, construction sites are overseen by professional contractors who volunteer their time; while the medical/dental clinics are staffed by professional clinicians who guide student teams in providing quality medical care and attention to the people of Ensenada.

Potter's Clay 2012 Chapel Promo from Filipp Kozachuk on Vimeo.

Over Spring Break 2012, 204 Westmont students went down to Ensenada, Mexico to serve and to love the community. Here's a little recap video that was made for chapel on 4/20/12.

JUNTOS fall weekend project (Ensenada, Mexico)

juntosPC During the fall semester, the Westmont PC Leadership Team partners with the Mexican PC Leadership Team -- spearheaded by Pastor Ruben Castenada -- in both planning and realizing a fall weekend event: JUNTOS! Juntos weekend serves as a "preview" for the highly anticipated PC spring break week -- featuring a weekend intensive opportunity for Westmont students to work with either a medical, construction, sports, or VBS team - in support of the long-term work of our Mexican partners in Ensenada.PC Scene 2



Note in particular our overview of the Mexico situation, and the supplemental Asked & Answered Questions page

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1. This ministry is funded solely through the generosity of people like you. If you would like to support Potter's Clay, please go to the giving site and click on "Potter's Clay " when prompted.

2. To order a delicious birthday cake for your student, you can do so through our secure online order form by clicking here. All proceeds will go to supporting our ongoing partnership with the people of Ensenada, MX.

Thank you so much for supporting our students in this way!

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