Common Application

Spring Sing

Each year, in Westmont’s oldest tradition, students compete on behalf of their residence halls in this talent extravaganza. Each act features innovative songs, drama, and dancing as students strive for the coveted honor of winning Sweepstakes and a place in Westmont lore. With hilarious side acts to complement the house shows as well as surprise hosts and cameo appearances by favorite faculty and staff, Spring Sing is the can’t-miss event of the year!

Advertising Manager (1)

Reach all of the On and Off- Campus students by creatively advertising for:

  • Freshman Kick-off
  • All Student Kick-off
  • Side-Act Auditions
  • Director's Deadlines
  • DC Rehearsals
  • Tickets
  • T-Shirts & DVD Sales
  • And the Spring Show itself

Design and order Spring Sing shirts and committee sweatshirts

Create and print program

Assistant Business Manager (1)

This is a two-year commnitment, next year will be the Business Manager

  • Learm from current business manager in weekly meetings
  • Learn Vendorlink (College budgeting system)
  • Supervise distribution and use of walkie-talkies for committee at show
  • Sell SS merchandise in DC and show


Assistant Ticket Sales Manager (1)

This is a two-year commnitment, next year will be the Ticket Sales Manager

  • Learn from current tickets manager in weekly meetings
  • Be present whenever and where ever tickets are sold
  • Update Spring Sing website


Band Director (1)

  • Obtain sheet music for the dorms selections
  • Recruit a band to play with you
  • Work with the dorms to get timing down for all songs
  • Be at the DC rehearsals from roughly 7-11pm the whole week before the show


Co-Producer (1)

This is a two-year commnitment, next year you will be Producer

  • Comminicate regularly with the committee and College officials
  • Be present at all Committee meetings and take notes for next year
  • Act as a liaison between the RDs and Spring Sing
  • Work with the DC regarding DC rehearsals
  • Run the entire show from backstage during the performance
  • After show, ensure effective clean up procedures are followed


Hospiality Coordinator (1)

  • Provide snacks for the committee at each meeting
  • Assign and remind directors assigned to bring snack to their meetings
  • Work with Brad Elliott to provide food for the committee and others at the Dress Rehearsal & show day
  • Provide snacks and beverages for the judges on the day of the show


Kick-Off/Side Acts Manager (2)

  • Plan and oversee FRESHMAN KICKOFF , including and incorporating committee and First Yr. RDs
  • Plan and oversee All-Student KICKOFF
  • Supervise committee donation collection for kick-off
  • Brainstorm and implement theme presentation (including video, skit, etc.)
  • Recruit 20 SIDE ACTS to audition; select 9-14 for the show (in consultation with producer, co-producer, and advisor
  • Advertise Side Acts audions well in advance. Conduct side act auditions about six weeks before the show
  • Supervise Side Acts druing dress rehearsal and during the actual show, including props, enterances/exits

Media Correspondent (1)

  • Regulate Spring Sing PR; work with Horizon
  • Maintain the Spring Sing blog
  • Take pictures (during meetings and events and of houses and directors for program)

Stage Manager (2)

  • Order, store and distribute cardboard for backdrops when delivered
  • Bring all backdrops and large props to venue for dress rehearsal
  • Assist in running the dress hehearsal by knowing the order, where exactly props go, how people are coming on and off, how to change the sets, etc., etc.
  • During the show, organize and keep track of all props backstage
  • Druing the show, direct and oversee everyone getting on and off stage and making sure they are quiet back stage

Video Manager (1)

  • Create highlights reel to show at Kick -Off
  • Work with Side Acts and Kickoff managers to create video for Kick-Off to help introduce the theme and/or to introduce the committee
  • Create committee introduction video for the show