Clubs are encouraged to advertise club events through the following means:

• Notify clubs administrator of your event; they will post large scale events to the Student Life Events calendar which will appear on the current students page
• Create a facebook event
• Advertise your event in the DC by submitting your information through Campus Life
• Hang flyers around campus (Posters must be approved prior to hanging by the Campus Life Office)
• Chapel slides (Must request permission through Campus Pastor’s Administrative Asst. Colleen Atkinson)
• All-Student email through WAC Clubs Coordinator for large scale events
• Residence hall bathroom readers (e-mail RDs)
• Add in the Horizon
• Set up a table in the DC with a sign and give handouts for your event
• Class specific e-mails for more targeted messages (firstyear, secondyear, etc)
• Tell the most gregarious and outgoing student you know (it's a small campus; word travels quickly)

Westmont Posting Policy:
The following guidelines must be adhered to by all groups wishing to post materials on campus.
All advertising materials must bear the “Westmont College Approved Until” stamp. This stamp can be obtained from either the Campus Life or Student Life Office. The person requesting the stamp must sign a copy of the “Westmont Posting Policy,” signifying acceptance of its terms. Materials that are posted without the approval stamp will be removed immediately and the sponsoring group may face restricted promotional privileges for future events and/or a financial penalty.

Signs and posters must be taken down by the date indicated on the “Westmont College Approved Until” stamp. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to remove all promotional material once the approved time span lapses. Failure to do so may result in restricted promotional privileges for future events and/or a financial penalty.

Posters and fliers can be adhered to appropriate surfaces (dorm and KSC bulletin boards, kiosk by the DC, and Armington walkway) with sticky tac, blue painter’s tape, scotch tape, or masking tape. NEVER use duct tape or clear packing tape, or tape of any kind on a glass surface. If any property damage occurs as a result of posting, the responsible individual or group may be charged a fine.

Promotional materials may not block exits or doorways. Promotional materials may not be affixed to trees or other plant life. Materials that advocate or encourage conduct that is contrary to the Community Life Statement will not be approved.