Once a club has been approved, the following responsibilities must be assumed by the club in order to receive funding:

1. The club will provide a completed “Club Funding Proposal Form” to the WAC Clubs Coordinator no less than ten (10) days prior to the event or activity.

2. The club will keep an accurate accounting of all items purchased or rented for the event or activity for which funds are requested. The club will submit that account with all itemized receipts to the WAC Clubs Coordinator no more than 14 days after the conclusion of the event or activity

If proposed club events involve more than 50 students, or go beyond the scope of your club members, officers must submit an event proposal form available on the Campus Life Office website. These types of large scale events must be co-sponsored by a campus office, department or organization. Co-sponsorship is required prior to receiving funding through WAC.

Money granted to clubs for events or activities must be reconciled through the submission of receipts and/or remaining money in order to demonstrate appropriate use of funds requested. Club officers will be responsible for repaying any monies that are misused or improperly documented by their clubs.

Club Funding Request Forms, as well as receipts and/or invoices for approved funding requests can be submitted to the WAC office, which is located on the second floor of the Kerr Student Center. Funds will not be granted to cover items that require storage. Clubs that are traveling off campus for events are typically not covered for any travel expenses or food expenses. Overnight stays are typically covered up to $23/night per club member.

Any failure to adhere to the above guidelines may jeopardize the club’s ability to receive the requested funding or to have future funding requests granted.