Updated February 2015

Once approved through the club chartering process, clubs are able to request funding from the Westmont Activities Council (WAC). Please note: failure to adhere to any of the following may jeopardize the club's ability to receive the requested funding or to have future funding requests approved.

  1. The club must complete a Club Funding Proposal no less than ten (10) calendar days prior to the event/activity they are requesting funds for.  The Club Funding Proposal can be found on the Campus Life website and needs to be submitted online.  (Please note: requests over $300 should be submitted 14 calendar days in advance in order to allow time for the proposal to be voted upon by WAC.  See Decision Making below)
  2. The WAC Clubs Coordinator will bring the proposal to the attention of the appropriate parties (see Decision Making) for consideration.
  3. The club may be asked to meet with the Clubs Coordinator and/or WAC in order to receive more information regarding the proposal.
  4. The WAC Clubs Coordinator will respond within one week of receiving the request with either an answer to the request or to give an update on an anticipated timeline.
  5. The club will keep an accurate accounting of all items purchased or rented for the event/activity for which funds are requested. The club will submit that account with all itemized receipts to the WAC Clubs Coordinator no more than ten (10) calendar days after the conclusion of the event/activity. Receipts/records can be submitted electronically to or hard copies delivered to the WAC Office in the KSC. Failure to meet this timeline will result in the pre-approved funds being released for other clubs to request. The original requester is able to submit a second proposal re-requesting the funds, but there is no certainty of approval.
  6. Money granted to clubs for events or activities must be reconciled through the submission of receipts and/or remaining money in order to demonstrate appropriate use of funds requested. Club officers will be responsible for repaying any monies that are misused or improperly documented by their clubs.
  7. Clubs that have been chartered for three consecutive years or more are invited (and encouraged) to submit a budget request for the entire year.  The annual deadline for this will be communicated by the WAC Clubs Coordinator.
Decision Making
  1. Requests up to  $50 will be reviewed and decided upon by the WAC Clubs Coordinator.
  2. Requests ranging from $50.01 to $300 will be reviewed and decided upon by the WAC Clubs Coordinator in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Campus Life
  3. Requests above $300 will be reviewed and voted upon by the full Westmont Activities Council.
Funding Guidelines

Funds will not be granted for any events/activities that are not in line with Westmont's Community Life Statement

  1. Funds will not be granted to cover items that require storage
  2. Events/Activities Off Campus
    1. Travel and food expenses are typically not covered
    2. Overnight stays are typically covered up to $25/night/club member
  3. Uniforms
    1. Requests for new uniforms will only be considered every three (3) years.
    2. Uniforms cannot be personalized
    3. Uniforms belong to the College and must be kept on campus during the summer months
    4. It is the club's responsibility to care for and keep track of uniforms
  4. Clothing Requests
    1. Clubs may request up to half (1/2) the cost of clothing items that are intended to stay with the individual (e.g. tshirts, etc.).
    2. Clubs members must pay for the portion not covered by WAC
    3. Only one clothing request per club per year will be considered

Funding Considerations

While not an exhaustive list, the following are some considerations when looking at funding proposals. In no particular order:

  1. Scope of membership (i.e. is the club open to all students?, only open to particular students?, etc.)
  2. Factor of student needs and wants
  3. Fundraising efforts (keep in mind that all fundraising needs to be pre-approved)
  4. Activity on campus
  5. Attendance at Community Picnic/Cupcakes and Clubs
  6. Member dues
  7. Membership
  8. Updated web presence
  9. Funding level in past years
  10. Length of club on campus
Event Proposals

Please note that proposed club events that involve more than 50 students, or go beyond the scope of club membership, must submit an event proposal form. These types of events must be co-sponsored by a campus office, department, or organization. Co-sponship is required prior to receiing funding through WAC.