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NOTE: Dates for each trip depend on a number of variables - in-country partner needs, team member summer commitments, Mayterm participants, etc. After all the information is gathered, dates will be finalized taking all factors into consideration. There is a section in the application that will give you an opportunity to highlight any summer conflicts or time frame preferences you would like us to consider when placing teams.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

GuatemalaWork and live alongside amazing Guatemalan staff and missionaries at Casa Bernabe' caring for over 130 children rescued from abandonment, TRAFFICKING, and other forms of severe trauma. Casa Bernabe' (The Barnabas House of Encouragement) does not resemble an orphanage but a children's village where healing takes place. Our team will provide stability and assistance to the community of Casa Bernabe' in many ways throughout the summer.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Guatemala might include: Tutoring in the School, Assisting at the Livestock and Vegetable Farm, Helping in the Homes, Organizing Sports and Games, Participating in the Worship Arts Program, or wherever the need is.

Time Frame: 8 weeks (Summer 2014)

Cochabamba, Bolivia

bolivia 1Bolivia 2Hospitals of Hope is a non-profit Christian MEDICAL missions organization - aiming to improve the healthcare of the under-served in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Their goal is to use medicine as a vehicle into the hearts of people, to demonstrate Christ's love by showing the value of each person cared for. Pre-med and biology students will get the opportunity to see medical missions in action first hand and assist by shadowing doctors and working in medical outreach clinics. The team will also get involved in the local community by working in orphanages and supporting local Bolivian faith communities.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Bolivia might include: Medical Outreach Clinics, Shadowing Doctors and Medical School Students, Community Outreach to Orphans, Local Church Involvement

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)

Altea-Alicante, Spain

Build community through cultural diversity and expressions of the ARTS. Team members will have the opportunity to be a voice and catalyst for God’s work in the area of the arts, culture, and community while serving alongside the Edge Project mission at their art gallery in Altea-Alicante, Spain. The team will be culturally immersed while living in community houses located throughout this coastal village. Historically this town is known for the arts and is currently home to the University of the Arts. The Edge Project's art gallery will be the central place of discovery, connectivity, and expressing faith in Jesus Christ.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Spain might include: Spiritual Conversations, Historical Exploration, Cross-Cultural Immersion, Expressions of Faith, Self-Discovery, Creative Art Events, Simple Missions, Community Living, Relationship Building, and Language Learning.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Possible Summer 2015)

Jerusalem, Israel

IsraelMusalaha is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians as demonstrated in the life and teaching of Jesus. They endeavor to be an encouragement for and advocate of RECONCILIATION, first among Palestinian and Israeli believers and then beyond their respective communities. Musalaha also aims at facilitating bridge-building among different segments of Israeli and Palestinian societies according to biblical reconciliation principles. Our team will support the work of Musalaha in a number of ways throughout the summer - getting a behind-the-scenes peak at reconciliation efforts on the ground.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Israel might include: Homestays in Palestine, Historical Exploration, Cross-Cultural Immersion, Administrative Support for Musalaha, Reconcilation Camps for Children, Exposure to Other Front Line Organizations, Work Projects, and Relationship Building.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)

Lugazi, Uganda

Uganda 1Uganda 2Faith Children's Home and God's House of Miracles - pastored by Pastor Hudson Suubi - exist to bring a hope, future, and a destiny to the most vulnerable in Lugazi, Uganda. Experience EVANGELISM and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT in a brand new and powerful way. Among other things, the team will be work with orphans, widows, and elders at Faith Children's Home, engage in community outreaches to hospitals, prisons, and schools, minister in village churches - working with youth, help at a national radio station, teach AIDS and HIV awareness to both teenagers and adults in the community, and assist with various work projects.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Uganda might include: Orphan and Widow Care, Community Outreach and Evangelism, Local Church Involvement, Radio Broadcasting Opportunities, HIV & AIDS Counseling, and Construction Projects.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)

Taiwan & Korea

Taiwan and KoreaBuild relationships through interactive children's camps that focus on MUSIC and EDUCATION in Taiwan (3 weeks) AS WELL AS in South Korea (3 weeks). Children that come to these camps hope to improve their conversational English. This will be done primarily through relationship-building and fun, interactive classes. Team members will have the opportunity to be a voice and catalyst for God’s work among the Taiwanese and Korean communities by providing classes in Music, English, Cooking, Crafts, American Culture, Science, Bible, and Recreation. Each camp consists of a variety of classes. Some camps may focus more on music and other camps may focus more on the other interactive classes. For the music part of our camps, experience with choral, worship band, and/or choreographed music are all encouraged but not required. The music emphasis could use strong musicians and worship leaders that could help children to learn Christian music. This could include more contemporary worship, instrumentation, rhythm, choreography, and choral instruction. For the educational part of the camp we really just need team members who enjoy working with children and teaching (whether an education major or not). All team members will have the opportunity to help in a variety of classes. In both countries, the Emmaus Road team will support camps for children from local churches, local schools, impoverished communities, as well as participate in a larger children's camp outreach to help children grow in their walk with Christ.

Time Frame: 5-7 weeks (Summer 2014)

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal 1Nepal 2Transformations Nepal is a registered religious non-profit organization aimed at reaching out to the unreached people groups of Nepal. New Life Nepal was founded by a former Hindu priest in training who now works to develop the poorest communities holistically both through church planting and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT projects. Last year's team supported Christian faith community efforts by TEACHING ENGLISH in Katmandu primary schools which in turn helped to create inroads into the community for our Nepalese brothers and sisters long term.

NOTE: This is a historic time in Nepalese history. In 2006, Christian evangelism was allowed for the first time in their history. Come be a part of history-in-the-making as Jesus Christ is now openly shared in this culturally rich and vibrant country.

Potential opportunities looking ahead might include: Teaching English and/or Basic Computer Skills, Agricultural Development, Teaching Sewing Classes to Ladies in the Community, Relationship-Building with Local Youth Susceptible to Drug Addiction, and/or Rural Community Developement Projects

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)

Qingdao, China

ChinaThe International Care Community was formed to aid in the creation of "sustainable communities that transcend temporary mission efforts by providing ... for the ongoing operation and spiritual enrichment" of ministries like the Sarang Orphanage in Qingdao. As a recent Emmaus Road team member concluded, "At this ORPHAN CARE community, there is no question that God is central." Daily worship is a unique blend of Mandarin, Korean, and English and team members will have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ in imaginative ways with both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED children as they live life with them. Be a part of this unique opportunity to do incarnational ministry in a Restricted Access Nation.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in China might include: Reaching Out to an Unreached People Group in a Restricted Access Nation, Relationship Building with Orphans through Sports / Arts & Crafts / Praise & Worship / or any other Creative Ideas that the team comes up with, Teaching English, and Assisting in a School built last year on the property.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)

Tokyo, Japan

JapanJapan is still one of the largest "unreached people" groups in the world, with less than 1% of the population Christian. Our Emmaus Road Japan team will participate in a CROSS CULTURAL EXCHANGE with Jiyu Gakuen - a school which officially maintains its Christian roots but where many of the students and faculty are not believers. The team will also partner with Mizuba Community Church - a bilingual independent church - in reaching out to the local community. Our team will concentrate on making good relationships with the students of Jiyu Gakuen through helping with English classes, after school activities, sharing their faith through "doing life together", and serving the local community at Mizuba Community.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)


IndonesiaUsing a BUSINESS AS MISSION model, Sea Tribes will introduce our team to a village setting for home stays lasting several nights with the intent of beginning to plant kingdom seeds in that location - via cultural exchange. We will partner with Sea Tribes to not only plant new seeds, but also to help nurture those that have already been sown. The team will live with a local family - eat together, go fishing together, cook together, play sports with the people of the village, etc. Our teams will aid Sea Tribes in creating inroads for not only learning about the host culture and people, but also to share the Christian faith legally via a business model in a Restricted Access Nation. Our team will have a great near immersion experience while being exposed to a non-Arab Muslim contextual ministry as well as a Business as Mission strategy for reaching Unreached People Groups.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)

Manila, Philippines

PhilippinesKids International Ministries has been helping to bring an end to poverty both in Manila's urban slums and on the island of Mindanao through SPORTS camps, building projects, tutoring, feeding programs, agricultural development, education, and other various community development endeavors. Sports - basketball in particular - is a major pasttime in the Philippines and Kids International Ministries has utilized it as a way to create inroads in relationship-building in their slum community. Among others, Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra visited their facilities in 2010 and we will be sending a team to support their ongoing efforts.

Our team will also be assisting directly with DISASTER RELIEF efforts in Tacloban - devasted by a major hurricane within the past year.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in the Philippines might include: Disaster Relief, Sports Camps, Tutoring, Education, Care Giving in a Children's Home, Teaching PE, Swim Lessons, Building Projects, Community Development, Intercessory Teams, and Relationship Building with Local Community.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)

Mahajanga, Madagascar

MadagascarRed Island Restoration aims to see Madagascar restored in Health, Forests, and Hope in Christ. Our team will partner with this local organization who has a deep understanding of Malagasy culture and language as well as a powerful love for their home country and the Malagasy people. Through REFORESTATION projects & MIDWIFERY CARE, Red Island Restoration aims to bring hope in Christ to their Malagasy community. Our team will support their general efforts in a variety of creative ways over the summer - primarily through work projects and relationship building. In addition, our partners will provide opportunities to learn about local public health and reforestation. In the realm of public health, interested team members will shadow midwives at a new Maternity Center that provides needs that poverty and social injustices have prevented - especially for women and young girls. In the area of reforestation, our team will come alongside the Hands in the Dirt Nursery Training Center in support of their work as well as work alongside Malagasy men and women to plant propagules in the mangrove forests.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Madagascar might include: Work Projects in Support of the Maternity Center Property, Agricultural Development, Relationship-Building with Malagasy young people, Rural & Community Development Projects, Pick-up Soccer Games with Local Youth, and a variety of Incarnational Ministry opportunities.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2014)

Istanbul, Turkey

TurkeyBe a part of our first Emmaus Road partnership with the WESTMONT IN ISTANBUL (WII) program in support of their efforts begun in the spring semester. The team will be build on various community engagement projects begun by the WII program. In support of the community engagement efforts begun by Westmont in Istanbul over the spring semester, the team will be building on those efforts by supporting local organizations addressing significant issues in the city and reinforcing Westmont's collective relationship there. NOTE: Westmont in Istanbul students (either from the 1st iteration or the 2nd) will be given priority for placement. But all are welcome to apply.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Turkey will include: Refugee Relief, Human Trafficking Relief, Working with the Elderly, Supporting an Armenian Girl's Home, Interfaith Dialogue, and more

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks for each team (Summer 2014)