Commencement 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

A: Nice casual clothing is appropriate wear for both events.

Baccalaureate and Commencement will be held on the grass with lots of elevations on campus to get to the field, so consider wearing comfortable walking shoes (no high heels). Our weather is changeable in the spring and you might consider layering your clothing to easily adjust to the chill or heat of the day. May mornings and evenings in Santa Barbara can be chilly and foggy and mid-morning and afternoons can be quite warm. A hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses are also suggested. Please check Santa Barbara’s weather forecast the day before to ensure your comfort.


Q: Can I park in Montecito and walk to Westmont’s campus for Commencement?

A: Please do not park in Montecito. Westmont works hard to maintain a good relationship with our neighbors; please help us protect that relationship by not parking in the surrounding neighborhood.


Q: Can I park on campus if I have a Westmont parking sticker, a state issued disabled permit or if I don’t have a Westmont issued Baccalaureate or Commencement Parking Permit?

A: Only vehicles with valid Baccalaureate Parking Permits displayed on their driver’s side dashboard will be admitted on campus for Baccalaureate.

Only vehicles with valid Commencement Parking Permits displayed on their driver’s side dashboard will be admitted on campus for Commencement. On Commencement day we are able to offer a free shuttle to our campus from SBCC. Most guests will ride the shuttles Commencement day, which run from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Q: Would coming to Baccalaureate or Commencement be difficult for a senior citizen or a friend with special needs?

A: It depends on how hale and hearty your senior/special needs friend is. Commencement is a long morning. We want this to be as pleasant an experience as possible, however, our parking is limited and the campus is hilly. Even getting a Special Needs Parking Permit does not insure that a car will be parked where a senior/special needs person would consider close to the field. As the senior/special needs individual considers coming, they should know that they may need to walk a distance on our hills, the main seating area is in the sun and it can be hot. While the restrooms are wheelchair accessible there may be lines at the restrooms and for the shuttles. Westmont is unable to provide wheelchairs or golf carts.

For their convenience, both ceremonies can be viewed on-line via a live simulcast. There will be a link on the Westmont Home Page to access this.


Q: I’m wondering if I can bring...?

A: Please no R.V.s, no drones, no dogs, and no coolers. Out of consideration for others we ask that balloons, umbrellas and strollers be placed where they do not block others' view or the walkways.

Drones are not allowed over or around graduation events.


Q: What if the forecast is for rain or if there has been so much rain before the weekend that the field can not be used for Baccalaureate or Commencement?

A: In this event, Baccalaureate and Commencement will be held in Murchison gym, and we regret that in this scenario we will have very limited seating. Tickets will be required and each graduate will receive four tickets for Baccalaureate and 4 tickets for Commencement. If this becomes necessary we will post information on the Commencement Weekend website.


Q: What if I am unable to attend Baccalaureate/Commencement but would like to watch it?

A: You can either buy the DVD or go on line to watch the live simulcast via computer. There will be a link on the Westmont Home Page to access this.


Q: Where should I meet my graduate after Commencement?

A: Plan to meet your graduate at their designated President’s Reception area. This will allow you to find all those in your party and meet their friends and professors.


Q: Our family is planning a celebration after Commencement. What would be the earliest we should plan for the party to begin?

A: We suggest that you plan any post graduation celebrations for no earlier than 2 p.m.