Video Recordings

How to request a recording of your event:

* Special events in the Gym – contact Brad Elliott 565.6052
* Events not in the Gym – Doug Conrad - Office of Academic Technology. Submit an EO request (Equipment Order)

Permission slips and Release forms:

SPOKEN WORD: Any person speaking at your event will need to sign our Speaker Release form and turn it in to Doug Conrad in the Library before the event can be considered for recording. Speaker Release form
MUSIC: Westmont College has an ASCAP license to perform many musical works. Check the ASCAP catalog at to see if the music in your event is covered under this licensing. This license does not cover making multiple copies of a recording.

Video Taping - Westmont College video tapes lectures and events during the semester that reflect the excellence in campus life. These videos are then posted to our iTunes U site. A signed release form is required from each speaker

Copies of the recording:

* The event sponsor/requestor will be given one (1) CD copy of the recorded event upon request.
SPOKEN WORD: Westmont College does not make multiple copies of recordings. A local vendor list is included in this packet for you to take your one copy and have it duplicated at your own expense.
MUSIC: Current copyright law allows one (1) copy of a musical recording for educational purposes. Multiple copies cannot be made without written permission from the publisher of the specific work.

Web info:

* To have your recording made available on the Web review the Audio Web Policy and complete the Request Form Recordings of music covered under our ASCAP license can be placed on the Web only in streaming audio and not in downloadable form.
* Once approved, Public Affairs Office will notify the Webmaster to process your request to place the recording of your event on the Web.

Copyright info:

* U.S. copyright law prevents making copies of copyright protected works, for non-instructional purposes when permission has not been granted by the owner.
* Although our current licensing grants us the right to perform certain musical works, we do not necessarily have permission from the specific copyright holders to copy and distribute beyond the fair use guidelines of the copyright act. If you do have evidence of copyright permission to make multiple copies of the work presented, it is your responsibility to provide this prior to the event.
* Individual presenters who are the registered owner of their works must sign and submit a release agreement form to Media Services before a copy of the presentation can be made.
* U.S. Copyright law allows for one (1) copy of a recorded work to be made available to the event sponsor for educational purposes only.

CD / Tape Duplication VENDOR RESOURCE:

* Encore Recording – 122 S. Patterson, Goleta – 964-3472
* DAC Audio/Video - 1700 State St.., Santa Barbara 569-1337