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Podcast Import and Upload instructions


- Connect camcorder to computer

- Open iMovie - Click on "File" "New Project"

screen shotEnter Project details -

screen 2- Enter project name, Aspect ratio (16:9), Theme ("cross disolve" is a basic setting), click on "create"

Open import window

scr5Import window should show your camcorder in camera field on lower left. Set "switch" on lower left to "manual", select "import" on lower right to begin importing.

sc6Enter project name in the "create new event" field, select "import" and will see your video begin to play in this window., click "stop" when video has finished - it will take a few seconds for video clips to show up in iMovie, click "done" to exit this window.

sc7Edit your video:

Select and copy clip in lower pane of iMovie.

sc8- Paste video into upper frame

sc9- click on lower left corner of clip to open "properties" and select "clip trimmer" if you want to edit the beginning and ending of your recorded video. "Clip Trimmer" opens in lower window - with cursor, drag either side of clip as needed. Click "Done" in upper right of this window when editing is complete.

sc9Export your video:

- Click on "share" from tabs at top of this window and select "export using quicktime"

sc10Enter project name, choose "where" project will be saved to, click on "options to check or change settings (General settings - Size = 853x480, Audio set to Mono)

sc11- Click on "save" and project will begin export process - this generally takes about 3 times the length of the source video to process.

Upload to the server:

- Open Podcast Capture (in applications - utilities) and log in



sc14Click on "Open and Existing File ...", choose the video you want to publish from your saved location and select "open".

sc15- Choose a Workflow

- Enter Episode title

- Enter brief description (this field must have some info in it), click on "Submit"

- Wait until message reads "Your Podcast has been submitted" before submitting another video