America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments

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In an instant, 29 million Americans became fat, out of shape and dangerously obese...and they did it without taking a single bite of food. It was all the result of a decision to change the national standard for obesity. The question is "What was behind a ruling to declare so many people to be fat?"

Darryl Roberts new film "America The Beautiful 2 The Thin Commandments" addresses these questions and examines the cause of our country's obsession with dieting. The movie, which was first premiered in October, is being screened by universities, eating disorders and social organizations across the country.

8 Keys to Recovery From An Eating Disorder

By Carolyn Costin

Ms. Costin. recovered from anorexia in the early seventies, has specialized in treating eating disorders since 1977. A pioneer in the field, Costin, her books and treatment programs are highly recognized and respected in the field. Costin is an award winning activist and a sought after speaker at national and international conferences.

Book Signing/Reception for Carolyn Costin; Feb.27 @ 6pm Page MPR

Screeing of America the Beautiful 2 The Thin Commandments; Feb 27 @ 7pm Page MPR