Fall Housing for Returning Students

Housing requests for fall semester

Students are responsible for requesting housing for each semester of enrollment. This applies to both off-campus and college housing in a residence hall. In particular, off-campus commuters must have written approval from Housing to reside (or continue residing) off-campus. The fact that a student may currently reside off-campus does not exempt that student from requesting and obtaining approval to reside off-campus for subsequent semesters. We limit the number of students who reside off-campus, and when this limit is reached a waitlist is commenced by the Housing Director. See Requirements for Commuters.

A housing request is merely a request until it becomes a confirmed housing assignment by the Housing Office.

Early arrival is restricted to specific groups

Students are not allowed to move-in or check-in for the Fall semester until the dates listed under Check-In, and are expected to adjust their travel plans according to Westmont's check-in schedule. Students in particular groups may be allowed to return early for the Fall semester, but each of them must be approved by the Housing Office (see Special Housing > Early Fall Arrival).

View your housing and meal plan information

The earliest opportunity to view upcoming fall housing assignments is in prededing months of February, March and April.

Off-campus commuters during the Spring semester, who request to continue off-campus for the following year by the February 28 deadline, will have their assignment confirmed by email from the Housing Director--and their housing assignment will be posted online at the Student Profile with the housing code OCL-C#. The "C" stands for "continuing" as an off-campus local/commuter.

Other returning students who request off-campus during or after sign-ups would see one of the following codes on their profile:

  • OCL-S# (the "S" stands for off-campus reserved on "senior" sign-up day)
  • OCL-J# (the "J" stands for off-campus reserved on "junior" and "soph" sign-up days)
  • OCL-A# (the "A" stands for "any student" assigned off-campus from the waitlist or after the deadline)
  • However, OCL-W# indicates a waitlisting; it is not an approved assignment.

Fall housing assignments for college housing are confirmed in person at the Housing Selection event in April, and will be posted online at the Student Profile some time after the selection event. Students who reserve their same room or residence hall through Squatters Rights with the Resident Directors (RDs) may have their assignment affirmed in person by the RD, but it will be posted online at a later date. Students who are able to reserve an Ocean View apartment through the application process may have their housing assignment affirmed in person by the Ocean View RD, but it will be posted online at a later date. To see the timeline, deadlines, and written requirements for these different sign-ups, see Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year.