Early Fall Arrival


Early fall arrivals (EFAs) are students who have been asked by the college to arrive on campus for specific purposes, and have been approved by Housing to arrive early. EFAs must have a faculty or staff sponsor who has arranged for their approved early arrival. The purpose of early fall arrival is for Fall semester preparations by faculty and staff offices. It is not for the benefit of students who would like to be able to come to campus prior to the standard check-in dates.

Who qualifies for this?

Athletes for the Fall semester (soccer, volleyball, cross country) are asked to arrive early, and specific student leaders and Orientation volunteers are asked to assist the college in preparation for the semester. Some students may also be approved as EFAs by other faculty and staff in collaboration with the Housing Office.

Fall semester athletes in soccer and volleyball actually arrive prior to when Fall housing is available, so their pre-fall housing (i.e. temporary housing usually in one of the halls) is arranged by the Conference Center. The athletes move from their temporary housing to their Fall housing assignments one week prior to the start of Orientation. Athletes are not allowed to move their personal belongings into their Fall campus housing assignments until their approved transition move-in and check-in with residence hall staff.

Special approval needed

Students are not allowed to move-in or check-in to campus rooms until the dates listed under Check-In, unless they have an advance arrangement with Housing. When a student has been added to the list for early fall arrival, he or she will receive an automated email confirmation from the Housing Director.. A special, pre-determined check-in time with residence hall staff is required for all approved EFAs. This check-in time is communicated in the email.

Meal arrangements

Meal service may need to be planned by faculty and staff sponsors for students on their early fall arrival lists. The Fall 2017 meal plan, for students who have one assigned, commences on Monday, August 21. Faculty and staff who arrange for early fall arrival prior to August 21 may contact Auxiliary Services for information about arranging meal service in the Dining Commons.

Faculty and staff sponsors (Adding & Removing Names)

Faculty and staff who wish to have students approved for early arrival need to contact Housing in advance. Once arranged, faculty and staff will add their student's names and manage their own group list at the Special Housing Schedule (login) site.

Administrator's View (Viewing only)

The link in this section is for viewing; IT IS NOT FOR THE PURPOSE OF ADDING NAMES TO THE EARLY ARRIVL LIST. Administrators who have authorization to view the entire Early Fall Arrival list may login here to view the Early Fall Arrival list.