Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year

Housing sign-ups are scheduled in March and April for current students to reserve housing on-campus for the subsequent Fall semester, AND for current students to request approval to reside off-campus and commute for the subsequent Fall and/or Spring semesters. Sign-ups are spread out over many weeks to give students time to consider various housing options. and to minimize conflicts with other events during the spring semester (e.g. spring recess, Spring Sing, class registration).

Most students select housing during the Housing Selection event in April. We urge students to become familiar with the different housing request procedures and the timeline. The earliest options are by online request, and have deadlines.

Timeline and Deadlines

  • EARLY opportunities to request Fall housing
  1. Squatters Rights
  2. Ocean View Apartments
  3. Continue as Off-Campus Commuter
  4. Students Away-Abroad during the Spring
  • Housing Selection event to select Fall housing in person
  1. Proxy Authorizations
  2. Sign-Up Times and Dates
  3. Off-Campus Commuting Requests
  4. Triple rooms and Open OV apartments
  5. Double rooms and Open Spaces
  6. Meal Plan Requests