Sign-Up Times & Locations

Only a small number of students will have housing reserved for next year by March 31. This includes: continuing off-campus commuters, Ocean View Apartment groupings by application, and those who exercise Squatters Rights in their same room or residence hall. (see continuing as an off-campus commuter, applying for an Ocean View apartment, Squatters Rights).

Most returning students will select their housing for next year during the Housing Selection event (somewhere in the Kerr Student Center) from April 1-17. Every student enrolled during the spring semester, including away-abroad students, will be assigned a specific housing sign-up time for this event.

Housing Selection event April 1-17, 2014:
Sign-up groups

Off-campus commuting only


Triples & open OV apts. Any available room (double, triple or OV apt.)
Tuesday Wednesday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
April 1 April 2 April 14 April 15 April 16 April 17
Location: Founders Alumni Gallery Upper KSC lounge Alumni Gallery Alumni Gallery Upper KSC lounge
Current Sr's 2:30-3:00 na 2:30-3:00 2:30-3:00 na na
Current Jr's & Sophs na 3:00-5:00 3:00-5:00 na 3:00-5:00 na
PG & CL:G-S residents na na 5:00-7:00 na na 5:00-7:00


Sign-up times (randomized among the classes and groupings above) will be posted on the Student Profile by the end of February.

Each student will have one sign-up time and two or more sign-up days. Seniors, juniors and sophomores have 3 sign-up days because they have the option to request to live off-campus. Current residents in Page and Clark G-S have only 2 sign-up days because they are not allowed to request off-campus until the upperclass students have that opportunity. Sophomores have greater transportation challenges than other upper class students (i.e. limited parking permit privileges), so residing off-campus can be difficult to manage. We urge sophomores to reside on-campus. All residents in Page and Clark G-S are considered first-years for the purposes of housing selection (even though some may have advanced to a different class).

The housing sign-up time is not related to class registration sign-up. Sign-up times indicate when a student, or a proxy authorized by a student, will obtain the sign-up card in order to select housing and a meal plan IN PERSON for next year. Once housing is selected during the event, no changes are allowed until the week following the event (April 22). This prohibition is enforced to preserve the integrity of housing sign-ups for all involved, and to prevent confusion which could be caused by changing assignments.

You may request off-campus at your sign-up time on any of your sign-up days, or the week following the event. If there is a waitlist for off-campus, you should make an on-campus reservation as a back-up plan. Living on-campus is required if your request to reside off-campus is not granted.