Meal Plans

Requirements for residents

Campus residents are required to have a meal plan (aka board plan), except for:

  1. Residents in GLC (Global Leadership Center).
  2. Students with an exemption from the meal plan requirement due to medical disability, usually due to very extreme dietary restrictions. Such disability must be determined by the Office of Disability Services.
  3. Exceptions are not made for financial or personal reasons.

First-year students in campus residence are required to be on the Standard meal plan during the Fall semester. The Standard plan is assigned for all residents, unless a different plan has been approved by the Housing Office.

No meal plan is required for commuters residing off-campus on their own or at the Ocean View Apartments. However commuters may request one of the 3 meal plans by email to the Housing Director..

Types of plans for dining on campus:
  1. Standard plan (usually 95-96% of campus residents having a meal plan).
  2. 15 plan (costs $100 less for entire semester than the Standard plan)
  3. 10 plan (costs $200 less for entire semester than the Standard plan)

The Standard plan allows students to access the Dining Commons as often as they want each week during regular operating hours, and to eat as much as they want at the Dining Commons. See Campus Services in the Student Handbook for additional information about dining services.

The 15 plan and 10 plan allow students to access the Dining Commons up to that number of times each week, during regular operating hours. Unused access does not carryover to the following week(s). These plans cost a little less than the Standard plan, but offer less flexibility. For example, access for a quick snack or beverage uses up one of the 15 or 10 allowable entrances.

Change requests

All requests for meal plan changes must be made in writing to the Housing Director ( However, no changes are made the week immediately preceding the start of the semester, or during the first week of the semester. Change requests after the first week of classes, or in the middle of any subsequent week, will be implemented at the start of the week following the request. Changes made after the start of the semester result in adjustments on the student account, based upon the week in which the change is made.

On-campus residents will be assigned the same meal plan for the Spring semester which they had for the Fall semester, unless a different plan is requested. Meal plan assignments do not, however, carry over between the semesters for commuters and Ocean View residents. Any commuters who have a meal plan for the Fall semester need to submit a written request for a meal plan for the Spring semester.

Costs & more information

The cost for meal plans is posted by the Student Accounts Office. See their Costs & Estimating Semester Minimum Initial Payment page. Additional information about other dining services: menus, holiday hours, pack-outs, etc. is available from Auxiliary Services.

View your meal plan assignment

Meal plan assignments may be viewed on the Student Profile after a housing assignment has been recorded.