Off-Campus Local/Commuting Sign-Ups

Housing limits the number of students who reside off-campus, and this limit is usually reached during sign-ups. See Requirements for Commuters. Here is a summary of the requirements and related information for getting approval to live off-campus:

  1. Personal attendance at an Off-Campus Living Workshop is required in order to be eligible to live off-campus. You must have been attended prior to the OCL request deadline for your request to be considered. See workshop dates scheduled in March at Requirements for Commuters.
  2. Students must submit the Off-Campus Living Agreement prior to the OCL request deadline. The Agreement is under Requirements for Commuters at Off-Campus Commuting.
  3. Students must provide their residential location and phone number before they live off-campus. Failure to provide this information may result in the cancellation of the OCL reservation, or other sanctions.
  4. Requests for off-campus must be submitted by the online request DEADLINE: March 16.
  5. The notification date for requests submitted by the deadline is March 18.
  6. Students are responsible for requesting housing for each semester of enrollment in which they wish to live off-campus. The request form allows students to request one or both semesters.
  7. Requests are considered according to housing sign-up time, not on a first-come, first-served basis. Housing sign-up times are determined by randomization of class groupings.
  8. Off-campus local/commuting is only considered as an individual request; it cannot be reserved as a group request.
  9. If your request for off-campus is granted for the subsequent Fall semester, you may not participate in any other housing request during sign-ups for college housing unless you first relinquish your OCL reservation to the Housing Director.
  10. Approval to reside off-campus must be granted by Housing. If not granted, requests will be waitlisted or denied. When the off-campus limit is reached, Housing will start a waitlist. Students with waitlisted off-campus requests are urged to request the best college housing they can. For more information about the waitlists, see Waitlists.
  11. Students should not make any rental commitments until Housing grants the request to live off-campus.

Go to: Request for Off-Campus

If you are successful in reserving off-campus as your housing assignment for one or both semesters, you must provide your residential location and phone number to the Housing Office through the OCL Agreement form. Your OCL reservation(s) will be cancelled if you do not provide your residence and phone information prior to the start of the semester. Other sanctions may also be imposed. The college requires this information in order to make immediate contact in the event of an emergency or other important circumstance, and to ensure compliance with commnunity behavioral expectations.

Sophomores are discouraged from considering off-campus because parking permits for sophomores are limited in number, and it can be especially difficult to manage as a commuter without a parking permit.. Securing approval to reside off-campus does not "improve" a student's chances for getting a parking permit.