Off-Campus Commuter Sign-Ups

There are several steps to consider for those who wish to reside off-campus:

  1. Off-campus must be requested by the student, or by an authorized proxy for the student.
  2. The student must have attended an Off-Campus Living Workshop to be eligible. No proxy allowed for attending a workshop in your place. Scheduled workshop dates may be found under Requirements for Commuters.
  3. Approval to reside off-campus must be granted by Housing.
  4. Students who have been granted off-campus must submit a complete Off-Campus Living Agreement, which is also found under Requirements for Commuters..

These steps are explained below and at Off-Campus Commuting, particularly under Requirements for Commuters.

Students are responsible for requesting housing for each semester of enrollment in which they wish to live off-campus, and this is especially important for off-campus commuting. Most students reserve off-campus for the subsequent Fall and/or Spring semesters during the Housing Selection event in April, held in Founders or Alumni Gallery. Students may request off-campus according to the housing sign-up schedule (see Timeline and Deadlines; Housing Sign-Up Time). Off-campus commuting cannot be reserved as a group request; it may only be reserved for an individual.

Students who have NOT attended an Off Campus Living Workshop will not be allowed to reside off-campus. Students should not make any rental commitments until Housing grants the request to live off-campus. Housing must limit the number of students who reside off-campus, and this limit is usually reached during the Housing Selection event in April. IMPORTANT: See Requirements for Commuters.

If you cannot attend the Housing Selection event in person, you should arrange for another student to select housing on your behalf at your sign-up time. See Proxy Authorizations. However, a proxy cannot fulfill the requirement for attending an Off-Campus Living Workshop.

When the off-campus limit is reached during the Housing Selection event, Housing will start a waitlist. Students who wish to put their names on the waitlist(s) should reserve on-campus housing (as a back-up) at a later time during on-campus sign-ups. For more information about off-campus commuting and the waitlists, see Off-Campus Commuting and Waitlists.

If you are successful in reserving off-campus as your housing assignment for one or both semesters, you must provide your residential location & phone number. The college requires this information in order to make immediate contact in the event of an emergency or other important circumstance. Sophomores are discouraged from considering off-campus because parking permits for sophomores are limited in number, and this can be especially difficult to manage. Securing approval to reside off-campus does not "improve" a student's chances for getting a parking permit.

As soon as we have 200 students approved to reside off-campus, we start the waitlist (for each semester separately). After housing sign-ups have concluded in April, any request to reside off-campus is put on the waitlist according to the date of the request. Class standing does not affect one's placement on the waitlist after the conclusion of the Housing Selection event.