Request for Specific Location

The "Request for Specific Location" form is NOT to be used for the annual housing process called, "Housing Requests for Next Year."

IMPORTANT: Requests submitted with this form are NOT considered by Housing until the summer months. To choose housing for the upcoming academic year, go to Housing Requests for Next Year.

What is this form used for?

There are two likely uses for the "Request for Specific Location" form:

  1. Current and returning students, who are unable to reserve a room or apartment during the annual Housing Requests for Next Year process (February-April), should use it to indicate proferences so that houisng can be assigned at a later date during the summer.
  2. Students who have reserved housing through the Housing Requests for Next Year process, but wish to change theiir housing assignment and need a way to request different housing on campus.

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Who should NOT use this form?

New, incoming students (e.g. transfers, first-years) should NOT use this form. The Housing Application, which is part of the admission process, is the form for requesting specific roommates and location preferences by incoming students.

When should this request be submitted?

It may be submitted after the Housing Requests for Next Year process has concluded in April. It is best to submit it before the end of the school year in May.

How does it work?

This form may serve as an Individual OR a Group request.

After login in, the originator of the request may form a group by adding (+) one or more names from the current student population. Each student who is added must ACCEPT or DECLINE participation so that Housing knows the request is mutual.

The originator of the request should then proceed to make a particular residence hall preference, and even a specific suite, section, or apartment, as the primary request. However, this form also allows other preferences beyond the primary location (see example below).

Students should supplement a specific, primary request with other location preferences in the event the primary request is not granted.

IMPORTANT: When a student is included in a Group request, he/she cannot create another Request for Specific Location, or be added to another such request. He/she would first need to DECLINE participation in the original request in order to be released and able to participate in another request.

EXAMPLE: IF Ocean View is the primary request, and other hall location preferences (VK, Armington, Emerson) are listed after it:

  1. Dorm: OV
  2. Suite/Section/Apartment:
  3. Other Preferences: VK; AR-A,B, or E;, CL, then EM.

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